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Mediastinal Mass

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Hi there,

So for those of you who don't know, I had a CT scan about 2 weeks ago (it seems a lot longer!!) and they found a tumor behind my sternum. Having finally seen the pulmonologist, and him looking at the slides (finally) and referring me to a cardiothoracic surgeon means that things are moving along. I meet with the surgeons on Friday (out of town while I still see the electrophysiologist in the afternoon) to discuss what the procedure for the biopsy will be. At this point the pulmonologist is thinking that it's NOT malignant, based on shape etc, but I am not sure if they'll want to leave it in if it's benign, because it seems like if it IS benign, then it could be linked to my difficulty breathing and swallowing ? la Myasthenia Gravis. SO that's the story for know, and I'll let you know what else is going on! :lol::blink:

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Guest tearose

You sure have seen a good deal of doctors lately!

Thank you for updating us. You have been too busy to post with all those appointments.

Never a dull moment, right? Well, keep up that strong "I gotta get through it attitude"!

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

best regards,


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megan -

sending ((hugs)) and prayers and good wishes your way as you wait patiently.

hang in there,

:blink: melissa

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Thanks guys for you well wishes. It turns out I won't be seeing the cardiothoracic surgeon until Monday afternoon, but that's OK. I saw my local cardiologist who gave me a prescription for DDAVP and reduced my ProAmatine, which I don't mind at all! (and told me to let him know when I'm in the hospital so that he can stop by to visit :lol: )

It's a beautiful day, but I have to spend the next several days writing intensively for my classes! :)

I saw my CT scans and learned that it's a 1.7 by 3 cm nodular mass, and the likelihoods include thymic hyperplasia (which associated with the MG would basically be a benign tumor), thymoma, or lymphoma. They'll decide on Monday on the type of biopsy, and if they want to run other tests before performing the surgery. I'll keep you guys in the loop!

Thanks so much for your support,


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I saw the surgeon today, and will plan on having the biopsy early next week. He's doing one blood test first to rule out myasthenia gravis, but he really doesn't think that's what it is. But that's the plan- during spring break means I don't have to miss out on classes, which is really nice!

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hey megan, still thinking of you and praying this is nothing serious and something they can easily take care of.

thinking of you tonight.



p.s. i get the difficulty swallowing issue too that is going on (i know you posted this somewhere else)....my GI doc thinks my swallowing troubles, and yes also just the act of swallowing, is related to my gastroparesis, that i have dysmotility of the esophagus as well.........something to possibly investigate with yourself.....

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I wish you all the best as you begin the journey to see what the nature of the mass is.

In my very early days of dealing with POTS symptoms when no one really knew what POTS was, my internist, who is a pulmonologist, saw a mass in my lung. One doctor thought it was a hernia. An MRI confirmed that it was in my lung. I had it removed via a laproscopic procedure. It turned out to be a lipoma (a fatty cell nonmalignant growth). Since I have had it out in 1994, while I still have POTS, my asthma has improved immensely. I rarely get bronchitis.

I hope that you have good news.


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