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I have been lurking around for awhile now. I was diagnosed with pots in May. I have been taking toprol, lexipro, and xanax. Finally my blood pressure is starting to come down. My heart still runs a little over 100 bpm. I have the fluttering of the heart, feels like someone is squeezing my arm, fatigue, dizziness, cold feet, and all the other lovely symptoms that run with this. They are sending me to a neurologist to rule other things out also, have been getting this nasty taste in my mouth and severe headaches. I have been noticing that my right leg is dark than my left leg which I thought was kinda peculiar. Anyone have that symptom?

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Welcome to this great forum! I always say it because it's true and you will get plenty of support here.

The symptoms are varying in degree and can be frustrating. You can get one licked and then another one pops up. When this first started my left leg was the one that bothered me the worst and it would ache, cramp/spasm, numb/fall asleep, discolor occasionally.

I recommend looking at this website on common complaints and suggestions of what others do.

Support hose can be beneficial for blood pooling in the legs.

Here is an article, it's not pretty though and I rarely ever link it


It's always good to rule out other things and very common for POTS patients to have other diagnosis.

I have a very bad case of POTS and have had many symptoms. I'm grateful for my cardiologist in Ohio, he keeps me going with his different treatments; otherwise I would have been bed-ridden by now.

Keeps us posted on how you are doing


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