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Pregnancy Report: 34 Weeks


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Thought I'd check in with another brief report after my final ultrasound and an OB appt. today. All looked really good -- baby is actually very big, estimated at 6 lbs at this point, so much different than my last outcome (preeclampsia that caused my daughter to be very, very small). My heart rate is behaving and haven't needed any meds. I did take a baby aspirin this pregnancy due to research that showed it may help prevent preeclampsia, so maybe that's helping this time around. It's hard to know. We still have declined to find out the baby's sex and are going to wait until the birth.

Anyway, hope everyone here is doing OK. I see some people have gone missing here and there, and I'm thinking of all of you and wishing for good health for everyone here!


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Guest dionna

i am so excited for you and your family!!! i hope that everything goes well and i am so happy for the baby's weight. he/she almost weighs more than me when i was born. lol. thank you so much for updating us.

dionna ;)

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Hi Amy,

Thanks so much for checking in! I'm glad you and the baby seem to be doing so well, and I wish you all the best for the last several weeks. You and your family must be getting so excited! Take care, and I hope you can post some pictures when baby arrives and you're up to it!!

Lots of love,


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