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Swimmers, I Have A Question?


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HI! So maybe insurance won't cover a therapy pool, I'm am bummer :)

But I am curious, those of you that swim, how often do you swim? How long do you swim?

If I can't get my own pool, maybe I can go to someplace once or twice a week, is a pt place or gym better?

Any advice would be helpful


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Guest tearose

Madeline, I don't do the swimming thing...I get too cold. I just am supposing you should find what works for you. With your schedule and your body. Maybe three times a week like other exercise plans is a good place to work towards.

I'm always wondering... :huh: I just must break down and ask.... :) do you really hate bananas?

What did a banana ever do to you?

sorry, I was just overcome with curiosity. :unsure:

take care!


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HAHAHAHAHA!! yes, i absolutely hate bananas, they are mushy and gross, their flavor is putrid and i have felt that way sinceI was a little girl :) ut ofcourse taking florinef you have to eat them sometimes b/c ironically ever since I was little i've hates orange juice as well :huh: i like most other fruits though

I plug my nose to eat them or put peanut butter on them and it helps soe, but yes i genuinely hate them :unsure:


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Hello! Glad to hear that you are planning on trying out swimming.

I don't have a strict # of days that I swim each week...it all depends on how busy I am and also how I'm feeling. I probably average twice a week (some weeks I swim more and if I have a busy week going once is all I can do) Consistancy is definitely a great thing though.

I've worked up from 1/2 lap to 7 laps (1 lap = down and back) over the 10 months (olympic sized pool). (7 laps takes me about 25 minutes) I continue to add a lap once I get used to the new goal.

My husband is a student so for now I am blessed to go to his seminary for free to swim (it's great because I'm often the only one in the pool!). I do know others who swim at the local YMCA and enjoy that as well.

Oh, I don't like banana's either because they upset my GI system SO badly. (maybe we should join a club?) =)

Take care,


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