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Indian Kaftan's For Us Hot Bodied People.


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Since my first Kaftan mid last year I'm now a great fan of Indian cotton Kaftan's and I think I must be turning Indian as I have so many of these and the Salwar suits now , well this and the fact I just love curry's , which I can no longer eat :lol:

My hubby bought me 6 items for Christmas and I've started to wear them a bit more now , and as per usual I'm wondering why oh , why didn't I do this earlier B)

I have three full length Kaftan's ( cotton pull on dresses with embroidery or beads on , all very pretty )

I wear the velvet one in the evening when it gets a bit cooler and the cotton daytime when I'm at my worst , plus if we have people over in the evening for dinner I have this wonderful black chiffon one with bugle beads encrusted around the neck and cuffs and a sprinkling of them all over the dress, hair up and flat sequined shoes ( which they also sell along with scarf's , bags and Indian jewellery all at exceptional prices ) and you can look a million dollars for about ?20 :angry:

I tend to come home if I've been out ( hospital/shopping etc) and be dying with the body heat and sweats everything sticking to me , yuck, yuck and double yuck ........so its off with the lot except knickers, smother myself with baby powder and on with a cool free flowing Kaftan and the air does flow up and down inside of the dress .

I'm not kidding when I say these are the best thing since sliced bread , not only this but I look and feel good in them and anyone who calls doesn't thinks as I used to have ' why is she in pyjamas at 2 in the afternoon' in fact I've been complemented on my lovely dresses (for thats what most people think they are )

If you want to see what I mean you only have to tap into Google ................salwar suits Kaftan's , there 's a UK shop that beings with the letter R for us in Britain which is so cheap , I've just ordered 2 more full length Kaftan's in lighter colors for the summer @ ?6-7 each , a full length skirt @ ?3 and 2 more salwar suits @ ?8-10 each , which is dam brilliant , the suits are cotton trousers ( elastic or tie waists) a cropped top ( very thin) and a knee length over dress , most also come with a chiffon or thin cotton scarf to hang around your neck and leave to trail at the back , and they are all beautifully embroidered or beaded , tie died or just plain wonderfully printed .

They wash really easy , just normal wash , hang on the line ( if you can ) quick iron and away you wear again , simple really.

I plucked up courage today and went out in a wonderful bright turquoise salwar suit and got people asking me where I got it from , so I thought , hand on a minute my friends on POTS should hear about this , it may just save a day of 'the drips ' and make someone look good even if you dont feel it .

So I'm now waiting for delivery of the next lot of clothes , hopefully today when my son Mike has his special dinner I'll wear the black chiffon one and some long jangly earrings , bit of channel may be ..................mmmmm not bad for an oldy :lol:

If you want anymore details ask or email me , I'm off now to get more coffee as the old ticker is playing tick ...........tick ...........splat Bye AMI.XXXXX

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they sound like such a brilliant idea! Where I work it is very hot so I wear summer tops and blouses in the winter and some hiddeous baggy square M&S blouses in the summer. The blouses look awful but hide quite how much I am sweating, and at least they are loose fitting. I shouldn't berrate them too much as my Mum got them for me and they have been lifesavers but I look like lamb dressed as mutton.

I could quite easily do the Indian look and have it come accross as an individual sense of style rather than the no style sense at all that I appeared to have last summer.

I'm in the UK too, so please do share details of any retailers.



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Well I dont know if I'm allowed to do this but the company I've been using who are first rate for price, quality and service are called ' Rupali' just stick this in Google and they will come up with a full online catalogue for you to shop in .

I've never had any problems with online paying either , which is good.

I've just had the second delivery of my summer ones and they are wonderful , so I'm now going to have a look at a saree................I quite fancy one of these , little cropped top and then this huge long length of fabric, I think I can make a full length elastic waisted skirt out of the fabric and then have enough over to make a short sleeved like button less shirt .............you have to picture this if you can .

Medium size is about 14/16 and the size is a good one by the way.

Hope this helps , I swear by them now , so cool and you just look so good in them .


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Guest tearose

Thanks willows! I just went to the website and the selection is wonderful!

They have beautiful embroidered items.

I'll have to bookmark this.

take care,


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Great , I'm glad you liked them to and it wasn't a case of 'the old dear' thinking they are nice , when they are naff :huh:

The embroidery is really good , I have the suit which is a black top /red trousers and a red chiffon scarf .............OMG the workmanship around the neck is brilliant , I'm sitting here at this time in my burgundy one on with loads of cream swirls at the bottom/neck/cuffs which has been embroidered ( and a pair of large black fluffy sox's :lol: )

I also used to have this fear of being taken off in the night by ambulance almost naked as I couldnt get into what I'd call normal clothes when I'm bad , but having a cotton one of these , well I look well covered and decent , if not slightly comical with the large black fluffy sox's ......................mmmm I suppose from a distance I'd look a bit like a deranged do-do but without the beak :D:lol:

Bye for now , painting an owls bottom and feet at this time ........3 ,45 in the morning :( AMI

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Guest tearose

You made me laugh!

I too have "hospital clothes"...sad commentary on how many times we must have been to the hospital that we KNOW to have special clothes for the visit!

Happy owl painting...you are such a hoot! :huh:


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Oh ...............MG tearose , I opened my box of new clothes and WOW girl I couldnt believe my eyes at some of the stuff.................. :o

Item 0508 which cost me a whole ?7 , the embroidery around the neck /sleeves and hem is absolutely wonderful, as is 0507 which cost me a silly ?5 :o I got both in maroon colours .

I also sent for 3037 this cost me a staggering ?10 ........ OMG royal blue chiffon trouser suit with long scarf..............the artwork on this is exquisite , if I wanted an English equivalent of this I'd expect to pay around ?200-?300 for this amount of sequins/bead work and for the detailing .

I am going to keep this as a best one , for me to wear in the spring/summer/autumn when I feel I can go out one night to eat at restaurant ( very rarely now ) it is stunning , a real 'stop and look' outfit , so with this outfit and my long hair up , some make-up ..............there, a normal looking person .................... :) except for the one leg, glass eye, false teeth , humped back, stagger like a drunk and large green parrot on the shoulder ( or should I make that owl) and the swarm of flies buzzing over my head ( oh dear ...........loosing the plot again here ) :):blink:

I also sent for one of there skirts to see what they are like .............552 in D-Lyril ..............lovely colour , you can adjust the waist very easily by a tie that runs around the waist band so its up to you how loose/tight you want it .

The colour is beautiful and its covered all over with tie -die circles and in /on each of these are silver sequins , it is so pretty and I will be getting some more at ?5 a skirt , its just silly not to !

So , this person here is going to be giving Kaftan's to all of her female friends from now onwards for an extra christmas present , after all , you can use them as a bath robe, a nightdress , if your cold, a summer sitting in dress or a dash to the hospital ' cover all' on the beach after a swim , or just when you are having a ' dripping hot day ' ................all natural like underneath :o:P

Best thing I've found for years on the net ( along with my yogurt maker ) and cannot wait for the warmer weather when I can put one of my suits on to wear around the place more .


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