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Endless Pools


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HI All! I've been reading the posts about swimming, a couple of summers ago i did some swimming in my neighbors pool and it was very helpful, but we only get 2 months to swim a year if we are lucky here b/c of the cold.

Through reading the post i see that aqau therapy is very helpful and I would like to try it again, but it would not be easy to get to a pt facility or a gym. So does anybody know if insurance or medicare would cover an endless pool or an at home therapy pool???

I hope with all my heart the answer is yes for me and everyone else here, but does anyone know?



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i hate to be so blunt and in a "perfect world" they would, but i can all but guarantee that they will not. insurance many times won't even cover things such as stair lifts or shower chairs these days as they are deemed "home improvements."

sorry to be the bearer of bad news - i can 200% empathize with the inability to get somewhere to be in the water.

B) melissa

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