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hey luckychrm,

checking up on you to see how you're doing? did you find out anything further with your biopsy/results of your CT in regards to that mass they saw??

i hope you're okay.

please let us know how you're doing.


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Thanks very much for checking in on me. My visit isn't until Friday. So I'm not so patiently twiddling my thumbs, and getting ready to move out of my noisy apartment, and such. My mom should be coming in next week. From what I've learned, the biopsy can be an outpatient procedure or it can take days in the hospital with a chest tube, but I will hopefully find out which on Friday. Other than that, all I know is anterior mediastinal tumor.... and that I have a really sore throat! LOL I'm not good at waiting, but luckily the week is going by fast. School is pretty much my major concern at the moment- you know, what if I can't graduate.. blah blah blah. Anyway, I will certainly update as soon as I know more.

Thanks again!



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Guest tearose

Sending you good wishes for Friday Megan! And for the strength to get through the move and all your schoolwork!

let us know how you are doing.

best regards,


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So I pretty much talked with the pulmonologist for about 45 minutes and he ordered some blood tests. He had the CT report, but hadn't even looked at the scan yet! So I was a bit frustrated by that as you can imagine. He wants results of the tests before scheduling a biopsy, but I am to call him on Tuesday.

Always learning to be patient,


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