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Blurred Vision Again..............


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I'm off to the eye hospital tomorrow for my normal ( well for me ) 6 months eye tests , the one were they check your field of vision, then on Friday I'm back to them again to see the consultant to find out whats going on . :(

Today I went to our local garden centre to get some arts and crafts stuff and while in this section I suddenly realised I couldnt see , everything was covered in a sort of mist . :unsure: it got so bad that I had to call my hubby from his 'bugs & spider's section' to come and find me in case I couldnt find my way to the exit as I'd already knocked into two very large displays of paintbrushes and small pots of stuff and was afraid I'd soon be sending the whole lot flying ;)

On Monday I had to spend the day in bed as I was so ill again , pain, pain and more pain ..............and whilst laying there watching the old Harry Potter, as per usual , I kept having problems seeing the TV , again it was all foggy/misty and out of focus.

However I did find that if I pulled myself up the bed a bit the focus would come back ................very strange that :huh:

No , I haven't been sticking stuff in my eyes , other than the drops I have to put in if needed .

No face creams or lotions or shampoo/conditioners either ...........just this foggy /mist type film that keeps coming and going . :angry:

Has anyone else had this in the past or have this problem now ?

Well my only consolation is my hubby has said if I do go blind he will dress me and sort out my make-up ....................... :unsure: mmmmm purple tights with green skirt and shocking pink t-shirt , blue eyeshadow and brown lip stick ............ah , thats my ami done for the day :( ..................OH , yes dear you look ............lovely :lol::lol:

You can just see it cant you !!!!!!! :lol: but what ever happens there's nothing I can do to stop it , we have glaucoma in the family .............I'm not worried as such and I quiet fancy myself with a nice white stick , I could decorate it with pink flowers and leaves , and its a good excuse to crack people I dont like around the ankles as they pass ............'OOOOOOPs, sorry , didn't see you there :rolleyes: AMi

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Hi Willows,

I do struggle with blurry vision, but it has never been as bad as what you described. What I have comes and goes. My blurry vision will last anywhere from 2 hours to a week. When my vision gets like that it is very hard to read. Sometimes there will only be blurry patches in my vision. But at other times it becomes so hard to focus that I have to close my eyes. Typically though, it only causes a problem with reading.

I hope you can figure out what is going on.

Wishing you the best,


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I am so sorry that it went so bad, Willows :rolleyes:

I also have a blurred vision, though not always. I think it is worse when my bp is lower... ;)

My eyes are reddish (you know, the white part of it), I cannot stand the light, it is not easy to read a lot (which I have to because of my work= using a computer)... Sometimes I cannot read and a few minutes later I can.

I also have that sort of mist sometimes, but never so bad as you had it. :angry:

Yesterday I had tears coming out of my left eye during the whole afternoon and it felt burning and pricky. I also have a white spot on one side of both pupils. It used to increase but it stopped a while ago (well, I think and hope that it stopped. Cannot imagine what it could cause if it covered the whole pupil :unsure: ). The last time I went to have my eyes tested was around 8 years ago, when I noticed the white spot and they said there was nothing wrong + that I had a 100% vision... I doubt they would say the same nowadays. :unsure:

Sometimes I have pain inside my eye, I think it is the nerve, but I am not sure. My eyelips are slightly swollen...

I thought it was just related with POTS and that it would be relieved but after reading your post I wonder if I should go to have my eyes tested...

What is a glaucoma?

Take care,



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Glaucoma is an eye condition where the pressure inside the eye increases as the normal fluid in the eye can't drain away properly. It often runs in families and usually is associated with being middle-aged or older but can occur at any age. There are 2 types open angle glaucoma which usually gradually builds up and acute angle closure glaucoma that is sudden onset and very painful.

It is simple to test for and in the UK anyone over the age of 40 will be tested when they have an eyetest. The simple optician's test is to use a machine that puffs a small jet of air onto your eye and calculates the pressure within the eye. Ophthalmology departments have more sophisticated tests for directly measuring the pressure with a tonometer.

My grandmother has glaucoma so I ask the optician to check my pressures when I have my annual eye test. If detected early it can usually be treated with betablocker eyedrops to prevent visual problems from developing.

(Can you tell that I did work experience in an optician's shop when I was 15?)


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Thank you, Flop. Yes, you couldn?t have explained it better. :blink:

I am going to ask an app. to get my eyes tested. I think it is time to check what is going on with them.

Thank you for taking your time to express it and share your knowledge. It has been really useful.

Take care,



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Guest tearose

I have had bouts of this blurry vision and I did go to the eye doctor. They did a field of vision test and I showed deficits. Then, I was referred to a neuro-opthamoligist and he repeated the field of vision test and it was fine! :)

The neuro-opthamologist explained that when we are very fatigued, or very sick, our eyes will have trouble with focus. He said many people wake up from heart surgery and can't focus there eyes!!! He said the body is working hard to heal and that the eyes will eventually get back to focus.

So, I guess this is a annoying passing symptom for me.

Haven't had this for awhile so I hope this spell passes quickly for you willows!

I hate to think what you would look like if your hubby put make up on your face!!!

best regards, tearose

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Just come back from the eye hospital after seeing the consultant .

Today 9 march 2007 I was diagnosed with glaucoma, :( I knew it was coming , but you hope dont you, you always hope that they are wrong , they have the wrong notes, the vision test machine is naff or anything rather than admit the inevitable .

I have to go back again in 4 months for further field vision tests and further consultations and to start medication , they dont quite know which yet as I'm on so many other drugs , so they are going to have a sort out soon .

I dont drive at night or after sunset now as I cannot see in the dark , I always use a torch at night to move around the place or lights full on ( downstairs ) so I'm not to sure what will happen with my daytime driving , I do hope I dont loose this to. :(

As for the foggy /misty vision ..............my consultant told me quite simple what it was :huh: blood pressure ...........dipping so low that the eyes dont get any , which makes sense to me as I know mine goes into my boots , so what have I got to do when it happens .................OMG your never going to believe this one.

Lay on the floor and raise my legs up above my body ..............so for instance ...........I'm out with hubby in the rain on the beach ...............

' ohhhhhhh! blurred vision dear , right lay down on the wet sand , never mind the waves , legs in the air please ' :lol: .


shopping in the large supermarket .......

' legs in the air dear. never mind the milk trolleys or the old age pensioner with his zimmer , he can zim over you ....... swing them there legs '......................mmmmm its a thought its it.

So , now all the waiting and wondering is over and muggins here has another bug nibbling at her bits ............. :)

Ami ............always tying to act the fool ..............well I try guys.

PS.............the good news is that I missed a delivery when at the hospital a box was sent to me ???? so what will it be ............ a crystal ball ?, one of those electrical machines that makes your hair stand on end? more dam owls? fairy wishes in bottle ? , crumbs I sent so many charity emails it may be an elephant for all I know ...........its coming Monday ?????

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Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I just wanted to add that I have been very ill the last 2 weeks, and my eyes have not worked well. I used to take a beginning yoga class (I called it yoga for wimps- just my speed) and the yoga instructor suggested that I lay on my back with by legs on the wall and try and get my behind as close to the wall as possible. It sounds a lot like what your doctor is recommending, however not very convenient if you leave the house.

I hope your package was a good one. :)

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Willows - sorry to hear that you have got glaucoma. However don't dispair there are lots of different meds to control glaucoma and prevent visual loss. Also if the meds don't work or upset the POTS they might be able to do an operation (sounds awful I know but not that bad) to allow drainage of the excess fluid to reduce the pressure.

Did they tell you how high your pressures were? I'm guessing they can't be too bad or they wouldn't be waiting 4 months before treating you. The night vision is likely the glaucoma but the blurry/misty stuff that comes and goes sounds much more like low BP so not permanent just maddening. Can you glue / paint owls whilst lying on your back with your legs up the wall? That would be worth a picture! A new slant for your charity display - Ami the amazing upside-down sorceress suspended from the ceiling of your owlery in a climbing harness (make sure you've got some cycling shorts to put under that dress!)!


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Thanks guys , you know me I'm 'together again now' ( well thats what I'm saying B) )

Just been writing to my best friend of 40 odd years so thats cheered me up.

I know my pressures have been up and down a lot , I've also got dry eye and my blood vessels are bright red again :angry: but I'm not worried about the wait for meds etc , as long as they know what they are doing I'm fine with it .

We haven't got a harness here , the big hook wouldnt stay in the ceiling ! but can you just picture me .......glue gun in hand , flat on my back , feathers all over the bed , in my hair, up my nose trying to balance a 2 foot plastic owl on my chest , glasses half on /off the end of my nose to try and see what I'm not or doing , me thinks I'd probably glue myself to the bed , the feathers to my clothes and the owl would just be sitting there watching , blimey if he was real he's probably think ' she's a right one ' :lol::lol: ............talk about 'Monty Python ' or a bit of an 'Abbot and Costello ' film .

I have just decided that must be turning Indian as I have so many full length Kaftans and Salwar suits now , they are the best thing since toasted wholemeal bread and Victoria plum jam so I'm going to do a new post now for all of us 'hot bodied people ' :lol: ....................OMG something to die for again .......yum, yum AMI :P

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