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Eds And Visible Veins...?

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Hi All

I am still thinking about EDS! My specialist does not think I need to be tested for it, but I wonder. I just did a search on this on the forum and didn't find any posts on this question. I remember reading that with severe EDS the skin is translucent and veins visible beneath the skin. I don't have this, obviously. But, I have visible veins in various locations from head to toe and I have been looking more closely at other people to see how I compare. I notice that my mother has very visible veins as well--and my daughter. (I mentioned this to my mom and she laughed and said this is "normal" for fair people.)

I haven't read anything specific about this on any of the EDS links I have looked at. Does anyone have any comments on this? :ph34r:

I definitely do not seem to have joint problems--nothing very obvious anyway, or any gum or GI problems of any note.

Thanks so much,


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I know what you mean about visible veins - my body can look like a road map of blue squiggly lines! I also have fair skin.

I've never asked my doctor but my theory is that patients with POTS can't vasoconstict their blood vessels (hence blood pooling) and it is because our veins dilate that they are so visible.


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