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A Bird In The Hand....

Dawg Tired

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Thanks for sharing Dawg, beautiful pix P

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Here's a bird in a tree...

This little creature (a screech owl) got into our chimney last night. My husband rescued him/her. The owl sat in this tree for over an hour, recovering from the ordeal, and then flew off into the night.


It was very exciting, especially for Giuliana, to see such a secretive animal up close!


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Guest tearose

gayla, Oh, what a beautiful little bird!

It looks like a bird sanctuary bird.

Thanks for the beautiful photo!

Katherine, in the chimney???

It reminds me of a squirrel that came into our first coundry home through the chimney.

What an adventure you must have had! I think a chimney cap is now in order.

The photo looks like a professional display... like a display from a museum or zoo!

best regards, tearose

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Okay, Katherine... Now I have to get a chimney cap too... A BAT was in the house the other night. I don't know where it is now - I hope he went to the attic and found his way out! Or back UP the chimney....

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Hah! We have the same issue with a steep roof pitch. Plus last year we put a steel roof on the house so it is incredibly slick now.

But... we DID capture the bat safely, and got it outside and it flew off. I'm sure we were quite a sight - I was running around trying to catch it on the fly with a towel and hubby picked up a shirt from the laundry (clean!) and managed to catch it. We took it out to the carport and set it free - Rick held the shirt up as high as he could so the little critter could have a "drop" to takeoff form - bats can't take off from the ground - they have to be up in the air and catch air in their wings on the way down.

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