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Need A Dr. Who Can Help Me


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Help! My internist has given up on Cleveland Clinic for help and after spending a year going from Dr. to Dr. I only feel worst. Someone suggested that I see a Dr. who specializes in alternative medicine (MD with more whollistic approach) and recommended Dr. Dorothy Sprecher (in Novelty, OHIO) who specializes in functional medicine. Has anyone ever gone this route? Any feedback I can get will be helpful. I'm seeing her March 6. I'm desperate and will try just about anything. Also, my Dr. said she had some luck with a patient going to a Dr. in Toledo, Ohio. She couldn't remember his name but suggested I try him. I remember some people talking about going to him a while back. Does anyone know who this is and how to reach him?


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Are you able to travel? If so, I'd suggest looking into some of the clinics others on the board have had success with, names that come to mind are Vanderbilt's Autonomic Clinic, and Mayo (both in Fla and Minnesota).

As for the "holistic" route, I'd be very, very cautious going down this road. Many holisitc "MD's" aren't even real doctors, and have questionable training and backgrounds...they also often don't take health insurance and can be extrememly expensive.

But I hope you get some relief! Hopefully someone on the board will know non-traditional MD's who are trustworthy and can help if you don't want to--or can't--visit one of the larger autonomic clinics.

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I have also gotten to the point where I feel like I would give anything a try. People had been suggesting alternative methods to me for so long so as my western docs haven't been able to do much to help me I have given a couple of alternative techniques a try. People have been swearing by some of these eastern practices for thousands of years but be careful with what you try...I have heard many bizarre stories.

I tried rolfing - a waste of money

And I've been doing acupuncture for awhile. It seems to help with some of my symptoms for like a day or two and then they come back.


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Functional Medicine is state-of-the-art holistic medicine. Do it. In fact, search this forum as I have mentioned it in a number of threads.

Also, you can go to www.FunctionalMedicine.org for more information. The board-certified practitioners have the initials AFMCP after their names and there is a directory on site.

The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) is made up of doctors of all professions who strive to help the body heal and not only change symptoms. They are exposed to the latest in published and ongoing research and successful clinical practices from all over the world. Members learn to emphasize the needed areas in any given patient -- whether toxicity, allergies, deficiencies, structural traumas, digestive disturbances, hormonal problems, etc. -- rather than apply a set of treatments geared to a named disorder -- POTS, dysautonomia, etc.

We all know how each of us on this forum have our own collection of different symptoms and histories, but we have a similarity of the symptoms of orthostatic problems and tachycardia. A functional medicine doctor will take a long history and work with all your symptoms at the same time (because they are all connected in you as one person), not just the heart rate.

Anyway, please PM me if you want more information. I could go on and on and on, but I will spare you in case this is enough.

I would like to add that it makes me sad to read here from time to time about people giving up on all things natural because of a bad experience with a poor practitioner. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and I know people have been hurt and disappointed, but don't let that stop your search. Miracles are miracles if you don't understand them, but few doctors try harder to understand what healing really is than IFM doctors.


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just to quickly answer your question about the toledo doctor (or at least to try to.) i wasn't certain whether you were looking for an alternative medicine doc in toledo? if so, i don't have a name for you. but if you're referring to an autonomic specialist, it's certainly Dr. Blair Grubb that you're referring to. he's considered one of the top ANS in the world and while he can't work magic, many have had great experiences with him. you'd need a referral for an appointment and i believe he's currently scheduling for about ten months out (nov/dec 07). he's at the university medical center in toledo (formerly known as MCO) and the main office number is 419-383-3925. there's an 800 number too but i don't have it readily available - sorry.

hope this helps,

:lol: melissa

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