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I mentioned in another post that I've had Hepatitus C since the 70s, and had ?

I am suspecting that Dysautonomia is secondary to the hepatitus. Autoimmune disorders are common after lenghty HCV infections. And Dysautonomia

is auto immune right? I've had an abnormal ANA for years. The rheumy Dr. confirmed unknown autoimmune disorder. I test positive for RA with 2 to 3x the normal range. But Dr. says I don't have it. (thank God) No water on the joints.

I was dx with Dysautonomia this week so There hasn't been time to get the facts from the Dr. yet.

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the current understanding/belief is that dysautonomia CAN be autoimmune, but isn't always.

there have been several specific antibodies identified in recent years such that if an individual has one of those antibodies there is more certainty that the autonomic dysfunction is autoimmune and treatment may be directed as such. many (or most perhaps) of the ANS specialists believe that many additional cases are autoimmune as well but that the understanding/research hasn't reached the point of being able to prove it to be the case yet.

so, the answer re: dysautonomia for any given individual could be yes or no.

hope this helps,

:) melissa

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