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Hello. I was diagnosed with small fiber/autonomic neuropathy based on tests (sudomotor reflex test, tilt table test, skin biopsy) done at the Cleveland Clinic. I've been struggling with major swings in blood pressure and heart rate, gastroparesis, air hunger, migraines, and nerve pain for the past 3 years. Thankfully, I found Dr. Grubb last year. Finally a doctor who really understands!! He's been very helpful to me and is trying to get me on epogen. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to tolerate other meds, or they haven't worked for me. I'm sure others here can relate. Anyways, I look forward to "meeting" everyone here.


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hi jenn,

here's another welcome at the forum! although i'm sorry you have reason to be here, i'm glad you found us! people around here are very helpful and friendly, so please feel free to ask any questions you want, i'm sure there are enough of us who can share your feelings and who are able to help!

corina :)

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Guest tearose

Welcome aboard Jenn!

I am sure you will find some good information here. It is good that you have confidence in your physician and I hope the medication is approved and helps you!

best regards, tearose

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