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T-shirt Sizing Question...


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I'm trying to figure out what sizes to order for folks or what sizes to tell others to order.

It says the t-shirts run a little large. Is this because they are unisex sizes? Should we buy as if we would by other unisex t-shirts? (Like college t-shirts, etc).

For instance, my mom and step-mom would normally buy a large in a misses sizes, but perhaps a medium in unisex sizes? Just a bit confused and wanted to make sure I ordered the right sizes.

Also, are they shrinking at all for folks?



P.S. How do you think Asher would look in one of the shirts???? :(

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hahaha, i would LOVE to see asher wear one!!!

emily, i've ordered size medium for myself as i want to wear a longsleeved t-shirt underneath to make sure i stay warm. i think i would buy a size large for your mom and step-mom if i were you (unless they like wearing tight shirts???).

good luck with it!

corina :(

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I usually wear a large in misses sizes and I got a large t-shirt because I thought I'd rather have one a bit too big than a bit to small. But now if I wear it I have to have a shirt layered under it. And it is still a bit too big. :( Oh well.

I tried to shrink the shirt, but it didn't shrink.

Good luck figuring out your sizes!


P.S. Asher would look terriffic in a dysautonomia t-shirt! :o

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Thanks Corina and Rachel--

I still have no idea what to order.

It sounds like they are unisex sizes and that is why they run big--coud Nina or Amy or Michelle answer this???

Also, could someone tell me what brand the tshirts are--like Jerzees, Hanes, Champion, etc? This would help a LOT as I am sure we have a tshirt in the house to compare it to!!!!


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Sorry I am just getting to this! To me the run like a college t-shirt, like old navy if you have one of those.

The t-shirts are Gildan Activewear, Heavy Cotton. They are 100% Cotton Preshrunk

Hope this helps and happy buying! :D

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