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Mom In Hospital, And Brother Has A Spot On Liver, After Chemo For Colon Cancer


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I'm also really worried for my Dad. he said he didn't know how much more he could take.

Here's a little update:

Before Christmas my Mom went into the hospital for something/I can't remember, but they found a blood clot in her leg and treated her for that.

That's how fried my mind is---I can't remember what took her to the hospital the first time.

Then just after New Years back into the hospital----this time blood clots in her lungs---one big one, and several little ones. Then they did a doppler ultrasound on her legs, and they found two huge clots, one in each leg---and both running the entire length of her legs. I didn't think that was possible----IT IS.... She was even on coumadin and heparin, but it didn't work fully. Now she is on an injected type of blood thinner at $900.00 a week. Meanwhile she still has this tumor in her bladder that is cancerous and they can't remove it until the clots get cleared out.

Now just over a week ago----Back to the ER and admitted again. this time she was on the potty and she couldn't get off---her left side went limp. Dad called the rescue squad. They found out she was having TIA--(transient ischemic attacks)----AKA mini strokes.

Then they checked out her legs again, and the clots are resolving, and her legs look much better. But now she is weak, and can't walk. She's a heavier lady, and she weighed 220 going into all this, and now weighs 173. She is big boned at 5ft. 5in. tall---so she didn't look 220, but she was heavy. She has no appetite, and she is diabetic---so they are trying everything to get her to eat. They have a nutritionist working with her now, and she is in rehab at a rehab/nursing facility until this Friday. She is scheduled for surgery this Friday to remove the cancerous tumor. They will go through the urethra to remove it.

We pray that she will be OK as they have to take her off the blod thinners to do the surgery----then put her right back on ASAP so she won't throw another clot. She did have a protective screen put into her vena cava vein to block any clots from traveling to her lungs or heart. A vascular surgeon did that her second time in the hospital. Then she goes straight back to rehab after she recovers for the surgery.

They think the cancer is contained to that area, and has not spread as far as the C-scans show. However, her lung x-ray shows plural effusion which is painful. This doesn't help her get off the oxycontin and vicodin which makes her want to sleep all the time----which doesn't help her in the rehab department. She now has memory loss as well, and gets confused easily. This all transpired so quickly it seems. She has been very inactive for a while, and this probably didn't help things.

My brother said my Dad just sat there last night saying he didn't know how much more he could take, as he just found out my other brother has a spot on his liver after just completing chemo for his colon cancer.

His wife couldn't get out of bed yesterday, and she wouldn't talk to anyone she is so scared and bummed out. My Dad said they came to visit my Mom today, and they were holding up OK. We went there later today after I made some spaghetti sauce over at my parents house so he could grab something to eat when he got home.

My brother sees the Oncologist this week for a biopsy.

My husband and I are trying to help, but I'm not in very good shape, and wish I could do more to help. I'm still trying to get my health care in order while all this is going on.

So I'm kind of out of commission----------------I can't post as much----I just can't think very clearly.

Maxine :0)

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wow maxine.. my prayers are with you and your family.. I hope that all goes well with ur mom friday.. you call me me if you need to talk k! you got lota going on.. and im a good listener so talk away girly! :(



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Guest tearose

I too am sorry for all you and the family must deal with.

Please pop on when you can and know that even when you haven't posted, we are thinking of you and sending you support and prayers.

take care of yourself during this difficult time.

with best regards, tearose

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Thanks for all your support--- :o

It seems as if my mother has aged 10 years in only 2 months.

I went to visit her yesterday----and I took her some choc. chip cookies---(she requested them on Sunday when I was there).

She was trying to be so nice, but she could barely eat one, and I told her it was OK, as long as she was able to taste them.

We gave the rest to the nursing staff---- :D She did set aside a few for herself-- :o . She is still very weak, and not doing very well with therapy. The occupational therapist sat her up on the side of the bed to do some grooming things for herself, and she fell straight back and hit her head on the safty rail. None of us expected this! I took my doggie India, and she was the star of the show. I couldn't walk down the hallway without being stopped. I was glad to stop and let the patients pet her---sometimes this just makes their day. Of course the nurses, social worker, and occupational worker were in love with her too--- B)

My dad is overwhelmed, but I told him we support he and my mother 100%, and not to worry about anyone but themselves.

My Dad has good reason to worry----------------he is being flooded with medical expences, and he has a lot of decisions to make-The stress it's starting to affect him.

My Dad will call his attorney to help him with some of the decisions. His mind is great, but this is all so overwhelming----he needs some help----he just has so much coming up at him at once.

I have to try and keep calm, so I can prepare for the colonoscopy------------the Doctor won't let me wait any longer----------so next week on the 28th I have it done. I'm not thrilled. They want to admit me the night before because of all my health problems---and they want to make sure all my regular meds are absorbed, and the prep could prevent this, so she thought it wise for me to be on an IV for both hydration, and to administer my meds. However, if they don't have a private room, forget it. I won't share a bathroom/room when I'm having the prep done. I'll do the prep at home----I'll still go through with the test.

Hopefully my brother's biopsy will be OK. I have to call and see if he had it done yet.

Thanks again------------you are all so sweet.

Maxine :0)

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