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Does This Sound Like A Circulation Problem?


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Hello all. I aint spoke to you all from a while, hope your all well.


For about 4 days ive had this numbness at the bottom of my left leg, but its not normal numbness its wierd.

Where the big toe is, you got that thin bone that runs to your ankle, well along that path, its numb to touch, its not actually numb, if i touch it i can feel it, or f i pinch it it still hurts, but it feels wierd when i touch it. And it carrys on to just above my ankle, but its not the whole of my leg, just one patch, very wierd.

I did have this problem once before when i was 15 on my thumb and once about 3 years ago on the inside of my leg, but it went away.

Does it sound like circulation problems? there is no other pain, it dont tingle, or burn, just when i touch that part if feels wiered. I was thinking if it was circulation it would be the whole of my foot right?

Anyone had anything similar?

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Well i have an appointment at the doctors on the 19th anyway, but its not about this, me and my gf are trying for a baby, but back on point.

I read somewere that it could be diabetic problems, but im not diabetic. I have a feeling its something to do with nerves, but im not sure what, i will discuss this with my doc though.

Thanks for your help

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