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They Are Calling It The Valentine's Day Blizzard Of 2007


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Hi everyone,Happy Valentine's Day,just wanted to say hi and tell you , here in Mentor, OH.[suburb of Cleve.] we are buried in snow and of course freezing. So warm thoughts to all Pat

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Snowday here too-- although we've got about 4 to 6 inches, we also have lots of ICE...I thankfully was given the day off today and am hoping that we have a delayed opening tomorrow to allow time for the salt and plows to finish their work in Bucks Co PA before I head over there on the bridge.

We JUST got plowed a few hours ago.


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We've had such a wimpy winter here in PA! I called my friend in South Carolina and said HOW HAPPY I WAS to have SNOW! If I didn't want snow, I would live there, I told her!

So, I am soooo enjoying the white snow brightening everything up.

Of course, I don't have to shovel or drive in it.

All winter I've been saying, I WANT SNOW! And my mom just gives me that, uh-huh, and you're gonna shovel it? look! :) At least even the university closed and she had a day off of teaching!


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