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Only 2 Months Left In Pregnancy!


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Just thought I'd check in and update you all. I haven't been around much -- mostly because I've been a lot more functional these days. Pregnancy seems to have improved my POTS symptoms to some degree, mostly in boosting my energy level. I only need about 7-8 hours of sleep and don't feel drop-dead tired at the end of they day like I usually do. I also have been able to be med-free for the entire pregnancy, and only had troubles with POTS attacks from about 15-19 weeks gestation and since then, nothing.

I had my 30-week ultrasound yesterday and the baby is measuring much bigger than last time, which is a relief. I had pregnancy-induced hypertension and my daughter suffered growth restriction last time, so she was very small at birth. This time, it looks like that will not happen. My BP was 104/64, my heart rate about 80, and the baby is in the 65th percentile for length and weight.

This news is all very encouraging to me, and should be to anyone here who wishes to have a child. I was very sick with POTS for nearly three years before deciding to get pregnant again. I had prepared myself for the worst, and was expecting things to be much more difficult. Of course, there's still time for things to change, but for now I am being optimistic.

Hope you all are doing as well as possible and I'll try to pop in more often. I'm certainly sick of the sub-zero temps where I live and have no excuse not to be online more!


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You must have ESP! I was getting ready to post 'where is everyone' (i.e. Calypso) and several other folks who have been 'missing'.

I am glad to hear that the reason you are away is b/c you are feeling GOOD. It seems so many folks are having a horrible start to 2007.

I was really wondering how you were doing b/c I know the beginning of the pregnancy was so rough. I had been really worried since I had not seen you pop up for a while. I cannot believe how time flies. Do you really only have two months left??? Wow!

Thank you so much for checking in. Are you keeping it a surprise as to whether it is a boy or a girl? It seems all of my friends these days want it to be a surprise--at least the women do. Their husbands, on the other hand, want to know! I say the pregnant one gets to make that call! :)


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We want to wait until the birth to find out the baby's sex, Emily -- it's just so much fun that way.

Katherine, I do have a pretty fair amount of swelling, but the compression stockings really keeps it under control on the days I have to go into work and sit at my desk (which is when it's the worst). On the days I'm home, I'm moving around enough that I don't have to wear them. I need to buy a new pair, though -- I've gained almost 30 pounds and the ones I usually wear don't fit very well these days!

I shouldn't probably sugarcoat this pregnancy thing -- I still have shortness of breath, no improvement in muscle weakness, and actually a worsening of dry mouth (which now I know is somewhat related to hormones). But I can deal with this stuff knowing that my heart's not pounding out of my chest and I'm not drop-dead tired.


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