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Yogurt Maker.


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As you may or may not remember I've been try out those 'bugs in a capsule' thingies to help my poor old digestion on its way ( if you get my drift) well they work OK but I've had to increase the amount I take each day and my goodness they are not cheap ( understatement) I've worked out that a 30 day bottle now only lasts me on average 10-12 days , and all in all when you add up the daily cost its getting stupid .............it would be cheaper for me to down a whole bottle of syrup of figs a day :) as long as I could have a loo on wheels attached to a rope around my waist to take everywhere I went ............mind you elastic could add a certain excitment :lol::lol:

SO ............any way son ( love of my life and heir to my fairy collection , poor lad ) bought me one of theses yogurt makers.

The idea is you put cold water in the tub provided add this packet of yogurt mix , complete with billions of happy little dried out bugs all waiting to swim around in the water and make whoopie , shake them up a bit , add more water , then place this in what I can only describe as a HUGE white capsule ( like a paracetamol but 100 time bigger :huh: ) which you have half filled with boiling water . screw down the top and leave in a quite cool place for the little bugs to have a whale of a time together ...............hey presto ( sound of trumpets here guys) thick creamy bug laden yogurt , a whole litre of the stuff :)

I've done the maths on this ............................

A pack of ten mixes cost ?20 to buy , each mix makes a litre or 10 potions .

I can eat 3 potions a day , so a mix will last me 3.1 days x 10 mixes = 31 days

There's 365 days in a year so thats 12 boxes of mix which = ?240 for the year in total .


A bottle of tablets cost me ?25.00 to buy , each bottle holds 30 tablets .

I have up to 3 tablets a day , so the bottle will last me between 10 -12 days .

There's 365 days in a year so thats 30 bottle of tablets which = ?750 for the year in total .


The mixes come in some wonderful flavours like Mango , Nectarine, Vanilla Caramel and all potions are about 80 cals each , some lower if you go for the reduced fat ones , as well as this they do drinking yogurt milk shakes mixes and ice cream mixes all with my little friends the 'all alive and dancing Acidophilus' (and other long unpronounceable bugs ) having read all the jargon on the yogurt , it is OK for diabetics ( non -sweetened mixes 6 types ) and of course you can cook with it and use it like any other yogurt you would buy from the shops . It keeps for about a week in the fridge and the vanilla one ( just made today ) tastes like ice cream :) .

So if any of you want the name and contact for this wonderful 'all dancing , all singing ,bottom buster ' leave me a line or to here and I'll email you back with any other details you need .

Now ................. B) what am I going to do with the ?510.00 I save this year :lol: AMI

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