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Sea Salt


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(I thought this was a common topic on here, so I tried to search for it but no results were found.)

How many of you use Sea Salt?

What kind do you use? What brand name, or what about it is unique?

How do you use it- in cooking? As seasoning on foods?

Does it help raise your Blood Pressure like the normal 'salt' I eat now?

Why is Sea Salt "special" and different?

(I bought some today, but realized you can spend from $4 up to $44 on a small package of it!!!) I bought the cheap stuff, hoping to get more information before I shell out more cash) !!!!

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I use "cerulian" brand--but it's not all that I use. I also use regular table salt as well as kosher salt. I didn't switch to it for any reason other than I like the taste on some things. Sodium Cholride is all that salt is, aside from, perhaps, some trace elements that you might get from salt procured from certain areas of the world, or something like "black salt" used in some pakistani recipicies for it's unique taste which is partly from a high sulfur content (ummm, it has a "unique" smell too!! I have some in my cabinet in a TIGHTLY closed jar).

I get salt intake plenty of other ways, such as in smoked meat, salted nuts, etc.


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I now use only sea salt in my house. Since it has trace minerals, when you eat a lot of salt I think my electrolytes stay balanced. Plus, I think it just tastes better :) I've gotten my husband hooked now because of that :)

I get my salt from Trader Joe's. On the cheap end they make a big orange container, probably about $1.50 and it will last for months. Downside is that it sticks together when it is humid out. Then sometimes I splurge and get the big salt crystals that come with their own grinder. A little more expensive, but the stuff tastes really good.

Besides food, I usually sprinkle some sea salt in the water I drink. Seems to work just as well as gatorade for me.


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