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so tired


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:) hello, kinda new at this . just got diagn/ with pots about a two weeks ago/but i have been sick since feb/. everyday has just been harder and harder/ i have read alot about pots etc/ and have started meds/ i am being treated by a dr.in my area who is also a patient. he is very kind and understanding and tells me this will get better but it will take time. i just feel like iam almost dead and at times wish i was. i also am going see another dr/at the mayo in jacksonville soon. iam scared and angry not sure how to handle all these emotions. i have 4/ children 19 to almost 5/ i hate what this is doing to them and my husband who has helped alot and i know iam lucky there/ i just cant stand feeling this bad for much longer.any way trying to get some ideas on a new way of eating / not that i want any food but i know i have to try. so any ideas would be great. thanks.....
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I have been in your shoes. At times I still feel that way. The biggest thing that has helped me is deciding that I wanted to make a difference and try to change the way things are done re: our illness.

As for eating? Salt! Salt! Salt! Celery is surprisingly very high in sodium. Also, canned soup has enourmous amts. of salt in it too. My dr. told me I should try to eat two cans of soup a day. Unfortunately, I'm not very big into soup. Salt pills are also reccomended. Stay away from caffeine, eat numerous little meals a day versus big meals.

Hydration is also key. Sometimes I feel as though I am drowning in my own skin, but I know that it is better than becoming orthostatic and ending up in the hospital.

This process is very frustrating, but you have come to the right place to get relief. People on this forum are very supportive and generally know more than the dr.s do. Sad, but true.

If you have any questions, emotions, fears, etc. Feel free to post them. You will be surprised by the results.

Hope you feel better. Take each day as a new day and when you first wake up drink lots of fluids. It will help a lot.


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Hi, Cherie!

Just sharing my top 10 list of what has been of MAJOR help to me (in no particular order):

1) switching from table salt to Celtic sea salt (kinda moist stuff, not easy-pour)

2) complete elimination of all sugar or sugar substitutes AND absolutely no caffeine or alcohol - yes it can be difficult, especially at first, but I've been sugar-free, caffeine-free and alcohol-free for around 15 years and it's no longer an effort

3) following the highest level of the Metabolic Typing program - testing, dietary guidance and nutritional supplements based on you as an individual, not a one-size-fits-all kind of "diet" - it's main premise is to rebalance your body chemistry

4) water, water, water (add a pinch of sea salt to each glass)

5) short-term, larger-than-normal doses of B6 (I took 9 times the RDA for a few months, which completely rid me of all palpitations, etc., and gave me greater resistance to stress plus more energy)

6) magnesium lactate - this is probably THE most successful thing I've tried - other forms of mag just don't do anything for me, but after only 4 days on this form of magnesium, I had greater energy, a better mental outlook, much less brain fog, could deal with life again, and much more - like you, I was petrified that I was headed for the funny farm . . . until I learned about this magnesium

7) this is a new one for me, and I think it's pretty positive but I'm still in the early stages with it: lots of RAW butter

8) stop going to doctors and taking their poisons (more commonly called prescriptions) - after 20+ medical practitioners and either getting nowhere or feeling worse, I've taken to doing my own research and my own trials - there is absolutely no doubt ever in my mind that I am MILES better off with alternative/natural/complimentary/whatever you want to call it than I ever would have been had I allowed myself to be stuck in the modern-day paradigm of "doctors know best" - I am living a relatively normal life because I refused to give in to their way of doing things

9) give yourself permission to be less active, to take naps or just lie down when you need to, to admit you are not superwoman, to listen to relaxation tapes or do yoga or other calming activities

10) NEVER GIVE UP - I have my moments, days and even weeks when I think I can't do this any more - but then I get angry about it, because I used to be "high on life" and I despise what this condition has done to me - this sets off a renewed determination, and I once again jump into research or tightening up my routine (maybe I'd been getting sloppy, which triggered a backward slide)

I hope that even one of these things strikes a chord in you (and others here) and will create something positive for you.

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Hi Cherie, I hope you're feeling better, now. I seem to run in spurts of being tired all the time, and then I have periods of not feeling tired. I've learned to take naps when I'm tired, or else everything else gets worse. Just an hour makes a big difference for me. I don't lie down, though. I nap in the recliner so that my head isn't real low, but my feet and legs are up. Make sure you eat as healthy as you can. If you can't eat much, then try to at least eat a balanced diet. The last thing you need is to run your body down. Hope things are going better for you.

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