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Wierdness After Walking!


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today i tried to walk around the park and i started feeling wierd half way around...i made it home and took my bp and it was wierd sitting too and so i tried to lie down and i almost fainted felt like the blood wasnt making it to my head

horrible feeling i still feel wierd/////this is what my bp did in a matter of mins/

ist reading-125/88 hr 105

2nd-108/76 hr 79

3rd 89/75 hr 96

4th 94/65 hr 86

5th 116/68/58

79/62 hr 85 !

81/47 hr 67

and i dont even wanna know what it is now

and the last time my hr was like 41!

its going all over the place

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Mine does this too..it's so confusing isn't it. (((HUGS)))

I don't even have to walk for it to do this either. Is yours just when you walk?

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I very much have weirdness with walking to the extent i dont anymore, it is very hard because i am not getting any exercise and the weight is steadily rising from the florinef, etc. I start walking sideways and feel like i have ran a marathon just walking to the mailbox, thought it was just me. If u find any answers let me know.


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I have the same problem. :(

If I walk I start feeling chest discomfort and pain when breathing. I also feel dizzy and light headed and if I walk a longer distance or do some shoppings... The pain increases and my heart rate increases (though with the beta blocker not enough to be over the normal rates)...

I also feel as if my legs were extremely heavy. I have to concentrate to walk as all my body seems to act slow camera. I even cannot think clearly.

This happened on my last stress test and I was so lightheaded and confused trying to walk and looking downstairs, that I did not realized how bad I was... :)

I am sorry, nikigrl8883, I did not check my blood pressure...



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its weird becasue since that day i wrote this post i havent gone for a walk but ive done cardi aerobics in my house and kickboxing just for like 10 mins a day but my heart rate gets high up there and it feel like that should make me feel way worse after than walking but it doesnt....doesn that make anysence? i take atenolol for pots and thats it like 12mg a day or less and when i stand my heart rate will be about 90 somthing for awile after exercising its int he 80s lately i dont know what my heart rate use to be either before i got pots so its kind of hard to tell whats normal for me...also i dont wanna take too much of the beta

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