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I was wondering if anyone else out there has episodes that feel like overheating?

My whole life I've easily "overheated", at least that's what I think it is. The first time I remember a definite episode was in jr. high school. (I'm now 35). I ran across the gym as fast as I could with the other kids and felt a burning sensation in my head and felt very faint. I had to go stand next to the wall, then realized that wasn't enough, then had to sit down, that wasn't enough, then I had to lay down, that wasn't enough. I passed out.

Ever since then I've learned to be very careful and feel when it's coming on. I do exercise, I bike, I jog, I've gone to the gym 5 days a week for the past 8 years. From time to time I experience the "overheating" episode. The other thing that happens during the episode is that theres a sudden pressure in my head, my ears pop and my heart suddenly speeds up. Sometimes during the episode I feel a "fluttering" of my heart, or irregular beats. After a few minutes of relaxing it goes away as quickly as it arrived. It's usually if I'm exerting myself a little too hard, too fast. It also seems to be related to water. I have to drink water every few minutes while at the gym to keep it at bay. I've learned that doing "squats" at the gym brings it on pretty easily.

Three months ago I started using Desmopressin, and the overheating immediately and completely disappeared (as well as all of my other problems). I could exert myself as much as I wanted and I never overheated. I was doing about 20 times more things at the gym at 20 times the intensity. I was going way beyond what would normally bring on an "overheating" episode. I didn't have to drink water every few minutes. No overheating. Over the past 3 months, it's slowly returned.

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you have experienced similar episodes of "overheating".

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I get that all the time- I call it hot flashes. It's basically hyperthermia and often is accompanied by excessive sweating. I haven't found anything that helps yet, though. I'll let you know when I do!

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I get that too. But mine occurs when I am trying to do very calm basic things like getting dressed daily. I have to sit infront of a fan to cool off every few minutes. I feel like by the time I am dressed for the day I need to take another shower because I sweat sooo much. I have not found anything that helps this. Not even cold showers!

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