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Tingling/itching In Feet And Legs ??


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So just last week this new thing started. I thought I had like Athlete's Foot or something (!?!) and then I realized my feet and my lower legs were itching towards the end of a shower, so I thought maybe it was the hot water's fault so I have dry skin. THEN I noticed it happening as I stood at the door to let my doggie outside to tinkle.

So now I realize, when I stand up for a few minutes (when I am able to) my feet and lower legs get REALLY scratchy and tingly. I can only guess it's the blood sinking down there? Something to do with circulation? I mean, I'm not worried, I know it's a fact of NMH... I was just wondering why it would make my skin ITCH so bad!!!

It happened before when we didn't own a dishwasher and I would try to stand up and wash dishes when I felt really good. My lower legs got SO itchy I thought I had ants crawling on me, which I didn't (ew gross), and then I took my cleaning supplies out of under the sink cabinet b/c I thought I was having an allergic reaction to some chemical under there. Good grief.

Anyway, anybody else get REALLY ITCHY when they try to stand up for short tasks? Why would the blood sinking down there make your skin itch so bad?

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I notice my legs feel like there is a combination of itchy, tingly, and burning sensations going on...at the same time they ar ered and blotchy as well as swollen. It reminds me of when I was a kid and would get out of a warm shower when the bathroom was very cold and I would tell my mom I had the "hurting itches"...now it happens whenever I am upright in one postition for too long or when I am sitting at the computer for too long.


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