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Like Dehydration, But Not?


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Has anyone every heard of anything like this: there are a hundred different symptoms that my body is telling me that I'm dehydrated (1).. and yet when I get a blood test, my electrolytes are in balanced with my fluid, so the doctor concludes that I'm not dehydrated (although my family doctor admits that over low balanced fluid can also be defined as dehydration.) When I drink ALOT of fluids my symptoms decrease. When I feel really dehydrated my weight is down quite a bit (even though I'm eating the same amount of food.) Do any of you suffer from something where it seems like the body is not correctly distributing fluid around the body?


- waking up with parched throat and mouth

- if I'm not sipping on liquids constantly my mouth gets parched within a short amount of time

- feeling weak and kind of faint

- overheat easily if I push myself at the gym (although I carefully do 40 min cardio a day)

- severe dry eyes

- dry skin

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