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Pots And Metabolism


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my "thought" would be yes, I wouldn't be surprised to hear it affected the metabolism. And if not the illness, then the meds would do it. I know the BB can cause you to gain weight anyway.

I know there is a lot of people who have a hard time gaining weight, so this brings up a good point. ;)

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I don't know for sure, but since being diagnosed with POTS in 2002 I have lost like 35 lbs and could not gain it back if my life depended on it. I have the hardest time trying to. My family is on me all the time about gaining at least a little of it back and I can't and I do eat well most of the time unless my stomach is bothering me but I make up for it when it's not. My regular family doctor gives me a hard time about it to and put me on those nasty Boost drinks. Dr. Grubb doesn't seemed to be concerned about it, so I don't fret over anymore either. I take a BB twice daily but it doesn't seem to put weight on me.



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I think POTS must effect or metabolism somehow. I don't know why or how.

But I do know that my weight does crazy things, even when I'm not on meds, now that my POTS has gotten worse. I have about a 20 pound weight swing, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. It is nice when I'm losing weight because then I can eat all the ice cream I want, and I still lose weight. But it isn't so fun when I'm gaining weight because I can watch what I eat, but still gain.

2 years ago I lost a lot of weight and many people (my husband especially) worried about me. I ate and ate and just kept losing weight. Finally, after being pregnant for 5 months I started to gain weight again.

And finally, now my weight is back to "normal" for a little while!

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I can't gain weight for anything. I can go up or down 5 pounds in a couple of days. My doc said it's because people who have this can't hold fluid in their body, which is why its so important to drink fluids all the time! Interesting to find out I'm not the only one !!!

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