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Good News!


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;) Hi folks----I have some good news for a change.

All the stuff that has going wrong---and the POTS acting up along with my other problems has been a bear to deal with. But the worst thing was worrying about other problems on top of that.

With all my pain in my upper back---it often spreads to my clavicle and chest leaving me to wonder if its my heart. I have had low HDL (the good cholesterol) for years--normal LDL, and fairly high triclycerides---(hereditary).

Anyway I was scheduled for a cardiac CT scan with the newer 64 slice CTs. Well they couldn't get my heart rate down for part of the scan, but we were able to get the calcium scoring in the arteries done. The results were sent to Dr. Grubb's office, and to my PCP.

A nice nurse from Dr. Grubb's office called and said Dr. Grubb looked at it, and said my score was 0-----------meaning no calcium bulid up in the arteries. WOW----------what a happy surprise!

I told her I love you guys----------you made my day! I think It creeped her out a bit---LOL, but that's OK, this is one thing to check off my list.

This test does not see soft plaque in the arteries--------this was the other part I couldn't get through because of the high heart rate. But this kind of test I was able to get through is a good indicator if you have coronary artery disease. Complimented with a stress echo---should clear me completely, but Dr. Grubb didn't mention a need for that. I had one two years ago---------- ;)

Meanwhile, I'll continue on my low dose crestor, and 81mgs of asprin.

I was so surprised my score was 0------------------------ :)

Thought I would share something happy-------------winkingpinkpanther.jpg

Maxine :0)

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YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D;):D;):D:):D:P:D so glad that that test turned out ok for you! one less thing to worry about thta is for sure

big high 5!

hugs dizz

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Wow, that's GREAT news! ;)

Thanks for sharing,


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That is great news!! Such a relief!!

I'm sure the nurse didn't get creeped out, lol She probably is used to people being greatful. ;)

At least I would like to think more people whould be thankful.


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