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Middle Of The Week Crashes


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For the past several weeks, every Wednesday I start to feel really bad. I've missed at least part of either Wednesday or Thursday every week at work because of this, and I can't keep doing that. It's like I'm just crashing- Monday and Tuesday I'm okay, in part because I've probably been in bed for a good half the weekend, but by Wednesday, it's like my body just rebels. I lie in bed, with the world spinning at my smallest move, alternatingly too cold and too hot, heart racing, weak, and tired. Then when I finally make it to work, I'm still exhausted and dizzy and all I want to do is lie down. Every week when I feel okay on Tuesday, I think 'alright, so I'm better.' But then I'm not when I wake up. After spending most of Wednesday in bed, if I'm very good and very careful and keep hydrated and load up on sodium, I can struggle through until Friday night when I can sleep for 12 hours.

I know that there's not a magic cure or anything and that I'll feel a certain amount of icky just anyways. But how can I avoid these weekly crashes?


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I work a very stressful job. I continued full time for about a year after getting POTS and then realized I couldn't handle it any longer. I was spending every evening on the couch and every weekend in bed, and realized that it didn't make sense for me to push myself so hard. I switched to 4 days/week after that. Wednesday is usually my day off. The arrangement has been great, and I've used the extra day to exercise and do other things to improve my condition.


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