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Sad...more Stomach Problems


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I hope this doesn't come off as whining, but I just have no where to turn where anyone else understands...The stomache nausea is horrible..Today I felt soo hungry, I literally ate soo much food and now I feel soo sick...Does anyone else get this??? Then of course there are the days I can barely eat anything and feel sick as well...I was talking to my boyfriend and told him I felt sick to my stomach and he's like I'm sure your gonna be fine...I know he meant well but those type of comments aggravate me!!! Yea, maybe I'll be fine in 3 days and only feel good for one day........arrrgghhhhh!!!!

Anyhow, my cardio/EP wants me to see a new gastro. at BMC and the cardio's office called and got voicemail so they left a message. Then today I was told to call the gastros office and then they tell me to call nuclear medicine, THEN im told my cardio has to make the referral...ahhhhhh.....

On top of all this I feel like I have a stomach bug because I can't stop using the bathroom...sorry I don't mean to gross anyone out!!!!

Anyhow, hope everyone is doing okay out there!


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Hi Jacquie,

Naseau is one thing I can't stand also. I've had that time to time lasting a few months. I;ve found also that small meals, even if it is a few cracker, whatever my stomach can handle is what I have to do. There were times water or even bread stirred up the naseau. Nothing cold, try some flat ginger ale, plain saltines, even ice pops. I can feel full right away or feel like I may never stop eating but either one is no good so one really has to make an effort to eat small frequent meals. How about yogurt-plain and add some fruit on your own so there is no so much sugar? Not ice cold, let it sit out a bit, can help to replenish what you are losing by having a tummy bug, which by the way, maybe when it leaves you will feel somewhat better.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Hi Jacquie, Sorry to hear about the stomach problems. I can definitely relate, been having trouble at least weekly for the last year (ugh!) I also seem to get in moods when I am constantly hungry and could keep eating, and then other days I can barely force myself to eat.

It's definitely a good idea to see a doctor about it, to find out what is going on. You never know, you could have something going on in addition to pots. My doctor has recommended that I take digestive enzymes with each meal, and I think it is helping. I'm not digesting my food well at the moment, and I especially have trouble with raw vegetables. And I agree with the others on yogurt, ginger and small, frequent meals.

Hope you feel better soon!


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I've brought this up before....hate to nag, but have you been evaluated for gastroparesis? It's a common condition to have with POTS. The autonomic dysfunction is thought to play a part in a neuropathy of the GI tract. Many here suffer from it and other motility problems. The chief symptom is NAUSEA. I thought you had previously been scheduled for the GES (gastric emptying study.) Have you done that yet? It's not the most reliable nor conclusive test, but it's a good starting point in evaluating your symptoms.

About the "D." If you are suffering from impaired motility, in the tum, small bowel, or colon; a bacterial overgrowth can easily occur. The primary symptoms of that are cramping, nausea, and "D." You may have a few things going on. Run to that new GI and try to get things figured out.

Small frequent meals are probably the way to go until you can get a DX and treatment. I'm sending positive energy your way!


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Trying to get the right hand to know what the left hand is doing in some of these medical offices is something isn't it------------------ :( I hope they get something straight for you soon---and you can get some answers on your digestive issues.

Nausea is the worst---------------can't do anything with this. I'm sorry that your not feeling well. Eating small meals is a big help. When I eat a big meal I end up a wreck. Small healthy meals......... :) Avoid fruit with thick skins, corn ect.

Eat fiber that is kinder to your insides---e.i.----> cooked vegetables like broccli, green beans, canned peas, carrots, pears with thin skins--(bosc), bran cereal, whole wheat breads---(avoid seeded breads).

I hope you feel better soon---------- :huh:


Maxine :0)

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