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Anyone Faint Or Black Out B/c Of There Neck?


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last thursday i had a severe autonomic storm i think one of the worst ones i have had in some time.. before i went to sleep that night i had alot of high pitched loud noises in my head and ears.. and some funky thing happening in my neck.. I had also started to get shaking and was very cold...

so i burried myself in blankets.. about 10 of them most of the being heavy ones.. and i was till cold and shaking.. anyways i fell alseep only to be half waken up with full body jerking and twitching...and i had electricity buzzing thru my body at mock speed i then went into paralysis..and fell back to sleep while still in paralysis..vaguel woke up again and was still in paralysis and my body was fuzzy.. disconnected feeling..like i was floating.. fell back to sleep..

woke up a short while later with severe gut pain from my sternum all the way down.. even into my back.. i swear that is about as close to labor as id ever get .. holy crud.. i dont imagine that it feels much different..i spent the next several hours in the bathroom with bad bad nausea and vomitting/diarrhea...it was horrible..

i went to the doc that afternoon.. i couldnt see straight i had black floaters and sparkly things flying around in front of my vision.. and my hearing kept fading in and out.. and so did i.. I kept getting the fainty things that i normally only get laying down.. jolts that where starting at the top of my head and zipping the center of my body and limbs.. that happened like 5 times.. and my legs felt like rubber..

I sat in the waiting room for over an hour....got back to be seen and mind you all this is happening and im still having uncontrolled twtiching and stuff.. that is very apparent.. my entire left arm was jumping and moving by itself.. so where my eyes and eyelids.. along withportion of my face.. my Bp was high.. for me high that is 132/90...I felt like my body was going to just melt at any time and hit the floor.. likei didnt have the strength to hold my self up..

this medical professional.. told me to come back in a fews weeks if i was still not feeling well and having trouble!..

I was like OMG!!!!! we where having a bad snow storm here that day..and he tells me to come back in afew weeks.. yea ok whatever!!

Point since then I am having nasty sweeling in my head neck and along the spine... pretty much sweling and muscles spasms from the base of my skull clear down to my butt bone.. and its pain.. my feet are so cold that they hurt...

my b/f has been rubbing my back...b/c my spine just hurts.. he keeps saying it sstill swoolen... and its just goes from bad to worse.. the worst of the sweelling has been from the back of my head to the hump at the baseof my neck across the shoulders.... ice is not relieving the swelling...

today mybf checked my neck and its swoollen even more.. the swelling is going up into the back of my head.. in the past.. he used to try and rub my neck.. he wont touch it now b/c i tend to black out from that or once i stand i faint...

he said that it isnt even knots like normal at the base of my head.. that it is just so swoolenyou cant really feel the space that is suppose to be there.. he keeps telling my head and neck is not normal.. that its hould be doing wahts it doing.. but it is...

I also having alot of crakcing popping grinding.. and creaking... in my neck.. and it makes me feel yucky..

anybody black out of faint from there neck? if so why? and what do you do to relieve swelling when ice and stuff doesnt work? and what about swelling along the spine and hips.. and tail/butt bone? this stuff is having a chail reaction thru the rest of my bones and causing them to hurt almost as much.. but my bones always hurt as you all know i complain about it enough..

thanks for listening..


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Dear Linda,

I'm so sorry. That doesn't sound good at all. I can't believe the doctor didn't offer you more help, tests, or something! :( What you're going through doesn't sound normal at all.

Is there another doctor you can go to? Is there a chiropractor you could go to? Not all chiropractors are quacks. Some of them are very good at what they do and have very professional offices. A chiropractor can see if anything is wrong mechanically with the spine. If it is something mechanical, then he could help. Otherwise, you've got to see a different doc.

I have no experience with the kind of pain and swelling you are talking about. Wish I could offer more advice. I hope that you can find someone to help you soon.


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thank you rachel....im hoping that somebody can figure what is going on with me soon..b/c this is getting old real quick and is just draining me of any energy..or life

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