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Time Of Day?


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HI All! I have a couple of questions....

I usually take a bath right before I go to bed to help me fall asleep, it seems to help and I have done it for at least 6 years now, but latily I have been so tired I don't think I need to do that to fall asleep. However, in a lot of ways it fits well into my routine, b.c I put my stockings on when I first wake up and don't take them off until right beofre my bath at night.

SO, my question is what time of day do ppl normal bathe and how do you handle the stocking issue? They seem to be harder to get on after you have been wet.

Also, what are your night routines that help you fall asleep?

Lastly, what time of day do ppl normally exercise? I am trying to bring some walking into my program, but am not sure if I should stack it by doing it all in the Am with rest in between or a little in the AM and then a little in the afternoon?

Any adivce would help

:) Madeline

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I usually shower in the morning, then sit with my feet up for a good 15 minutes or so before I put on my stockings. It lets them dry thoroughly and gets some of the blood back out of them. It would be simpler to bathe in the evening, because then I could put my stockings on before I get up, but I'm just way, way too tired at night.

I usually exercise in the morning, as soon as I've recovered from the shower. It's my highest priority right now (on doctor's orders), so I want to be sure I do it before I use up my day's energy. But that does mean I sometimes need to ask someone to help me with shopping or house keeping.

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Mornings just don't exist for me! (i.e. it is 12:35 and I just woke up)...

Anyways, I used to love a morning shower to wake me up and so my hair would dry the way I like it...

But, since I started wearing stockings (5 years ago?) I always shower in the evening before I crawl into bed for the night. I take a 'tepid' bath, and crawl into bed around 8 or 8:30, and need to rest, lying down for about an hour before I can do anything. I don't go to sleep until really late (1 or 2), but I'm in bed until then, so can manage without my hose.

The bath really helps my body calm down for the evening. When I am too sick for my bath, I really find it is hard for my body to calm down. Baths are very helpful before bedtime to help the body (Nina can tell you this! :)).

So, I put my stocking on right when I wake up in the am--there is no way I could get out of bed and do ANYTHING without getting them on first.


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I usually take a shower (with a shower stool) at night. Baths are too hard for me because of sitting in the warm water. On a bad day I have to just skip a shower because I'm too weak to do it. But even on a good day I need some help from my husband. I used to do shower in the mornings, but it takes me at least an hour to recover from a shower. So my morning routine just became impossibly long for me because I can't get up early enough.

My routine for falling asleep:

I try to shower between 7 and 8pm so that my hair can dry before going to bed. After showering and getting into my pajamas, I lie on the sofa for a while. We usually watch a couple of tv episodes or a dvd. We go back to the bedroom around 10pm and I get my teeth brushed, etc. Then we just lie in bed and talk for a while. I'm usually asleep around 11pm, sometimes midnight.

If I can I do about 2 minutes of exercise before I go to bed. If I have energy during the day I save it for playing with my son or doing something with my husband. I figure crawling on the floor for 5 minutes is exercise enough!

I put my stockings on in the morning. I usually wake up around 10 or 11am. Being wet isn't a problem for me since I get a shower at night. On days that I am extra weak I'm not able to get them on, so I just skip them. But then I have to spend a lot of time lying down.

Hope you can find a routine that works for you.


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Guest tearose

I love a bath at night but don't take them much anymore. I get so wiped out and need assistance at night.

My daily routine is to get up early, slowly and careful not to turn on any bright lights or move too quickly. I go to the kitchen and brew coffee and over an hour to hour and a half drink my coffee (2TB of coffee to 40oz. water). I then go to the shower and I also use a shower chair. I sit down to dry off and then it takes 10 minutes to get my compression garment (s) and compression pantyhose on. I may sit on the floor for another five or ten minutes and then I get up and get dressed. I feel sooo much better then!

I allow two an a half to three hours to go from bed to being fully dressed.


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