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Where Can I Get A Cane/seat Thingy?


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just wondering where i could get a seat cane...and do you know if insurnace covers?.. and is there one that you recommend?

thanks a bunch

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Insurance might cover it if you get your doctor to write a prescription... but I got mine from the pharmacy, as they had one behind the pharmacy counter. You can find them online if you google cane or seat cane, and basic ones really aren't all that expensive- I think mine was $30. Also, mobility stores should have them.

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Guest tearose

Any good surgical pharmacy will have or be able to order a seat cane for you. If I may make a suggestion... take a look on the internet and see what one would suit you best.

I can't carry too much weight so I went for the least weight and least cumbersome. I added a strap so I can carry it over my shoulder too.

The coverage depends on your insurance plan.

Always try and submit!

best regards, tearose

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