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Night Sweats/cold Clammy

Donna F

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I have been having these sweats at night, and it will be freezing in here, and i am like cold and have cold sweat. The strange thing is I am not one to sweat even when able to exercise, just dont sweat. I did have a hyst. and am on hormone therapy. I wonder if anyone thinks the hormones can be related, if i should call my doc who is for this disorder or who. I called my gyn and of course he dont know even what dys. is, but mainly they want to increase my hormone. I tried that, oh god i felt like i was on drugs, literally! I dont know what is normal and what isnt, I just know I am now just exhausted i feel miserable last 2 days and have become paranoid to go to sleep, with sweats and nightmares i wake up in a panic. Does anyone have any advice on whom i should consult and I have became scared to increase this and that because they could make me worse if they dont understand my illness.

Thanks for any suggestions, I am so tired i am just lying down all day , feel like a 100 lb weight is on me when i try and get up.

Tired mom in Al


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I also have sweats every night. I wake up with a soaking wet T-shirt and it makes me soooo cold. But, unlike you, my symptoms are pretty manageable right now. Your symptoms sound really severe. I know you've fairly recently gotten your pacemeker. Is your cardiologist managing your treatment? Whomever is, needs to know how badly you are doing. I wonder if a change in meds would help...



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Guest tearose

Hi Donna!

I hope you are not coming down with a virus or cold. That being said...

Oh, but that we could all have that illusive "good night sleep. :(

I too had hysto and too I'm on the vivelle dot...

I have definitely had the type of sweats you describe...it unfortunately seems to increase when I have allowed myself to decrease exercise and I've turned muscle into fat!!! :o

I really have seen a correlation between my body fat and my sweats.

Have you put on some extra "holiday weight" and have you stopped some regular activity?

If this may be contributing, the good news is that once you return to your regular activity and loose some extra body fat, you should solve the night sweats!

This is only my personal experience. I hope you can figure it out and get better sleep soon.

best regards, tearose

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I have a cardio doc but he dont listen to me at all, I am wondering if i should change. I have put on 25 lbs since oct and he dont say anything but increase ur meds, all other docs say i need to change the florinef and bb, but i feel with him being the heart spec i hate to go against him, but he isnt doing anything


I yes do no exercise as i am not hardly able to even wash a dish, dont know why, ihope this isnt a forever thing, although i have read that some peoples are more chronic, and prog than others. As far as exercise forget it, icant even walk around the yard, so yea i have gained lots of fat and all my life i have been tall and thin and now i dont know what to do. I have never watched my food, as i have always been thin. Now I dont know what to do, and without being able to do much but lie on the sofa, i have become a couch potato. God i hate this. I feel so lazy and useless, but i really cant do like some others can, i hope and pray to god that i get some help, i am feeling down not only being housebound but gaining weight and being single it makes u feel very unhappy for sure

Thanks for the advice


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If I were you, I'd be looking for another doc- someone who'll work with you to manage your regimen to get you feeling better. Maybe post on this site, ask members for a good doc recomendation based on where you live. A good doctor should be working with you to tweak your meds or try different ones until you get to a more functional place.

Not sure if the sweats are due to excess weight as I'm tall and thin and am able to exercise. Could be hormonal as I'm mid-40's, but I don't have any other sign of perimenopause. I just thought the sweats were a "potsie" thing.

I'm keeping you in my prayers, Donna.


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Guest tearose

Donna, don't be so hard on yourself!

You are in what I call a potshole. Gosh, who hasn't seen the depths with this disorder? You must hunker down and take care to gain your strength and loose dizzys first. Keep to your treatment plan.

Anyway, from a former couch dwelling flab-butt :o there is always hope!

I had a looong rough spell ( actually a few over the years) and I remember crawling onto the floor and laying on my side and doing one leg lift...then two more. I rolled over did three more and then crawled back onto the sofa. Over the following weeks I managed to slowly work my way up to walking to the mailbox, then in months, I was doing more!

I only mentioned this because my sweaty, dripping night sweats are prevalent during these lazy, flabby times. I DO understand that when you are in that potshole place, getting to and from the bathroom is a well planned activity and you may return to the sofa ready to nap!

For awhile,I thought I was going to die on that sofa! Hey, I only want to encourage you to BELIEVE in a smidget of a chance you will improve. Can you manage a smidget of hope? Work on the hope this week and the visualization of better will come next. You are your own best advocate. You know your body best. If you want to stay on the estrogen and don't want the sweats, you have to get rid of the fat! Estrogen loves fat and causes all kinds of other problems. Maybe the goal of no night sweats and NOT growing old on the sofa will give you a smidget of hope!

wishing you a better day!


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Hi ....guys, night sweats, day sweats 24/7 sweats for me I'm afraid.

I've given up sleeping in PJ's as I sweat so much I literally stick to the fabric and OMG when I have a BIG sweat on in the daytime .............well PANIC sometimes , its awful .

But I'm not panicking with the sweat , its getting out of the clothes when I'm like this , I dont know if you have the same problem , but if not take note.

During the day when I'm having a ' heat up ' I've gotten used to wearing a Kaftan...........with nothing underneath at all :o I've cotton , velvet, chiffon ones about a dozen in all ( full length by the way ) and one of these and a pair of slippers is just about all I can manege if I'm in the house , trouble is when i go for one of my soaking sessions............and I do mean soaking , as it runs down my back and drips of the checks of my bottom onto the floor ................'no , I'm not peeing myself dear' :( well you try pulling one of these things over your head , yourself ( zipped neck whole only) I've got stuck so many times in them half in and half out of the things with my head inside the upside down dress ............panic, ha! ever seen a half naked woman with a Kaftan stuck to her body banging into furniture screaming she cant get air............hubby's now getting used to it ! :o

So , I take a 2mg of HRT every night ( started the old menopause about a year ago now ) but I've been taking CLONIDINE 4 x2 every day for years now as I started this sweating thing in 2000 , and my hormones were absolutely normal until 2006 :huh:

This sweating is awful, I was up again last night with it , take a look at my photo site ( look in chit-chat forum under wrists swollen ) and you will see a photo of me taken a couple of days ago when I was staring to have a sweat ............my whole body goes like my face and its the pits.

My doctor has said she doesn't know why and she's been trying for 7 years to understand it , I sweat when I see food, or eat, drink , loud noises , when I lay down ( after 30 mins ) if I get upset, angry , just about any normal thing sets it off and there's nothing worse than getting yourself ready to go out only to have to tear all your clothes off because your soaked ! Night times are something I dread , sleep is something I get in bits and Bob's , like today , I'm off for a snooze now as i was up from 2 am until 4 .30 am dripping and leaving puddles.

As for feeling like you have weight on you , snap , sometimes I struggle to move in bed as I feel so heavy , its so strange , it is worse when I lay on my back ??? what about you ???

Some tips I use ............try sleeping on a beach towel , it soaks up some of the sweat and you can change this ( I have four for this )

Cover yourself with talc from neck to toes every night before you go to bed.

Keep a pack of those migraine cool head patches by your bed and when you start to ' brew up ' stick one of these on the back of your neck and your forehead............ooooooh ..........lovely .

Drink plenty , because I find I get dehydrated , so I keep water by the bed every night.

DONT rush into a cold shower as this will , once you've dried off just bring it on again faster.

Good luck and may be ask your doctor about this drug I use , it helps no end 80% of the time.........AMI

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You might have them try a different hormone. What works for one person, may not help another. As opposed to just upping the one you are on, try a different brand.

I did awful on premarin, but do great on estradiol. maybe you are the opposite. Just a suggestion.

I am spiraling into menopause. I had a hyst at 31, but kept my ovaries. I was started on hormones long before I had symptoms due to osteoporosis and hives from boniva. Anyway, I was getting night sweats for the first time in my life and upped my estradiol and have been fine since.

I had never been a person that sweats much. Under my pancakes is the only place ever. Now I'm back to not sweating at all. So I have sort of the opposite problem and neither is optimal to be sure!

Anyway, you might try a different hormone, if this started after your hyst and good luck sweetie! morgan

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I get woken up by palps and sweats in the middle of the night...now I go to bed with a fan and shorts on...I still do get them... :)


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I definitely get night sweats sometimes, especially during my rough periods. It's one of the scariest things to wake up drenched in sweat and disoriented. I usually get intense dreams right before I wake up and then I wake up confused and it takes me a few minutes to figure out what's happening. During these times, I keep my BP monitor and HR watch in bed with me, so that I can measure my vitals. My HR is always really fast and I can feel better by taking a little extra beta blocker. I always have a couple of glasses of water on my nightstand, and drinking really helps too. If I get the sweats several days in a row, I just take a little extra BB before going to bed to nip it in the bud...either that or drink a big cup of broth to bring up my BP.

I do agree with the others that treating all of your symptoms helps.


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