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This is kinda a silly question. It's much easier for me to sit to do something than stand. I dont do a lot of cooking, but if I'm having a hard time standing in the kitchen, I often put everything down on the floor and work sitting down. It's easier for me to sit on the floor than in a chair, I think because in a chair my legs are hanging down. So anyway, I was thinking it would be great to have some kind of a low small table that I could sit on the floor and work at. I'd want it to be pretty low, something I could get wet or dirty and something smallish and light weight. Have you seen anything like this? any ideas of where I could look for this type of thing? :blink: I worked on baking a birthday cake for my sister today. I feel sort of silly baking on the floor.....but it works. I ran out of energy before I was done though! So my kitchen is a wreck! powdered suger and dirty dishes all over the floor! I'll clean it up tomarrow! :)

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Guest tearose

I love baking so I understand how important navigating the kitchen safely is!

The tables that are low that come to mind are coffee tables. Also the traditional tables used in Japan could be the right height for you. I guess you would want one that will take all the washing up it will get. I found a small, plastic top, rectangular folding table that has "adjustable" lightweight metal legs. It was made to be the right hight for small children at the low setting and adults at the high setting. I found this at one of those large drug stores but have also seen it sold in Walmart and similar places. It was on sale for about $35;

When I had to rethink making my way in the kitchen, I found a folding bar stool and I love it. It is easy to get up on and it has a bar to rest my legs and a backrest. I got my wonderful folding bar stool on target.com. I have two so they must have been sold as a pair. I also used this chair for the short time I was able to work. I used it when I made a presentation in front of a group.

...any leftover cake?

my secret way to tidy the kitchen fast is to shove all the dirty pans and bowls into the oven... :blink:

I've even put them into a plastic bag and laundry basket and stashed them on the washing machine till later in the day...

At least it is easier on the eyes if you need to take time to get the energy back to wash them and you don't want to stare at them!

happy cooking,


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I like the above post, buy it and cut it. To find something long enough to put several things on, plus lightweight and low might be a bit tough. So don't rule out something with long legs,,,have a hand hubby or friend or dad or mom who can cut it...do it. :lol:

Come to think of it, what about a kids table? My kids had a square, plastic table that had come with two kids chairs that they used for years and years. It is now outside. I think it is a safety first product. Only problem is the legs don't fold so if you have somewhere you can put it to the side, that might work.

Forget about the safety 1st. It was little tikes. Hope this link helps,,maybe get some ideas. http://www.littletikes.com/toys/toys-list....p;NumRecords=68

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What a great idea to sit on the floor and bake!!! I don't think I could handle that at this point, but I will keep it in mind. Maybe someday... :-)

I know what you mean about it being easier to sit on the floor than a chair. Would a little kids card table work? Those are lightweight and fold up easily. But I'm not sure if that would be low enough. I checked on fredmeyer.com, but I couldn't find one. I did see some on Walmart.com, though. You have to pick through Sponge Bob and Thomas the Tank Engine, but there are some tables that aren't so cutsie. There were actually some nice looking wooden ones too. Maybe you could just cut the legs shorter like other suggested. Here's the link to the walmart page incase you're interested. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/catalog.gsp...;catNavId=92352

Hope you find something that works!


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I use a barstool in the kitchen that has a place to rest my legs so they are bent and my knees up higher than if sitting in a chair.

I can not take sitting on the floor due to lower back pain and sanitation issues (4 cats walking around and most curious. :(

Tearose, I wish I had a back on my barstool but got it cheap for 15. and it has a leather seat. Still, sure beats trying to stand.

Oh, and if you have to stand for periods of time and can't keep moving the barstool, try toe raises AND marching in place or even stopping to jog a bit. I do this a lot to push the blood back up to me head.

And another great tip, buy ground been in a large enough quantity to BROWN at one time..like three pounds...after browning and draining the fat, store in freezer. Then, if you want to make tacos, chili, spaghettie, etc, all you do is season and heat up accordingly.

Got this idea from Poohbear. Thanks, sweetie.

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