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Is there anyone here who is on their parent's health insurance policy as a disabled dependent? So far Chrissy has been able to keep up with a full time (somewhat) schedule at college. This semester is not starting out well. Last month I sent all the information that our insurance co. requested to get her approved as a disabled dependent, but no answers yet.

Chrissy has already missed her first couple of days of school and she is scheduled for sinus surgery soon. Who knows how much school she'll miss then. She would ultimately prefer to skip this semester so she can get through the surgery w/o the pressure of school. I've called our ins. rep. and explained the situation--they're going to get back to me. It seems like our only alternative will be some type of correspondence college classes. I just wondered if anyone has any majic formulas for working with these ins co.'s?


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Patti, we have been able to keep our son on his dad's insurance for several years. he has juvenile arthritis that started before the cutoff, plus IBD, hyperparathyroidism, etc.

I don't know what kind of insurance you have, but my best friend works for an insurance company. You should get ahold of the person that would deal with this. There is a review by a doctor or doctor's that decide if it's appropriate. Typically they will continue temporarily and then after a couple years, make it permanent if necessary.

All we had to do was get a letter from Jake's primary doctor, stating he is not able to work and support himself (which he's not) and has long term illnesses that will be progressive. I'm not sure the doctor has to say progressive, but Jake's stuff is. They just have to be clear that they do not believe the dependent can support themselves enough to obtain their own insurance.

Jake last got covered for 2 years and the doctor said at his next review, he planned on making it permanent. Just make sure you start well in advance of the cut off, because this stuff is NOT a priority to them, and once dropped, you can NEVER get it back......good luck.....morgan

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