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Has Anyone Looked Beyond Just The Physical Into The Spiritual With Pots


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well my pots was brought out by severe loss of somone i cared for deeply and i was under trmendous stress for along time...i know theres more than that its physical as well...but in my case i have to say i cant deny all the spiritual connections to this ...i have experinced things most of my life and im far from crazy although ive questioned myself at times due to the amazing things that have happend....i feel there is tons of negativity around me and i felt it draining me literally for years with the real world and the unseen too...things have happend to me and people around me that people would have a very hard time beliveing ....i was warned before i got this no word of a lie...i knew i was going to have to suffer.....i have had dreams that came true many times in details too even with names especially about my ex bf who i know is my soulmate...one time a woman came up to me in a book store and told me she had to talk to me i had never seen her in my life and she came in after me older woman mid 30s i was about 21 at the time im now 23....she said i was more open to negative energies and that i have a gift and she gave me a card with angels on it and left she was from boston which is hour away from me she said she was just passing through and was told by her angels i guess to come into that book store and she was guided right to me! and it wasnt to make money from her end becasue when i called the number there was never any answer ever..... and not to mention that day i was really down about things and asked god for a sign like 15 mins before that happened....anyway thats just one example of what i mean....i feel this pots thing in my case is not just physical....i have been told many time my aura is all broken up and open i have no protection now...becasue i have suffered for so long and been hurt so many times throughout my life my energy force has been drained.... im just wondering if anyone in here has wierd things happen like this to them? i dont expect u to belive me and i probablly wouldnt either if i were u and didnt expercience these things infront of my eyes ..

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LOL, I vaugely recall that the sympathic or para sympathic nerves are effected by stress. And there is agroup useing copeing stradigy technics. I think its a clinical trial (the link was posted here someplace) OH mighty mouse- you have it? I have been in "cognitive therapy". And it does work wonders. I could get you lots of info on that, but typeing is not so easy for me. Neither is spelling! Your reaction to stress can increase or decrease the physical sensations , the phisological responses, the emotional. All are of couse connected in the human response. I will give you one example of how thought causes anixiety.

Husband is late- no phone call.

Thought -he may have had car accident- reaction aniexty.

Husband is late - no phone call

Thought - Phone is probably dead. reaction- less anixety. (that is refered to as , "taking the secure thought")

small -pitiful example of the many things taught during coginitive therapy. But I hope it shows the point.

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