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Advice On Unused Meds


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dating back to may '05, my wife had 2 paralysis events and a 3rd in jul '06. during the '05 incidents, the so-called medical professionals were treating her for possible tia strokes (which we now know were actually hemiplegic migraines). anyhoo, unbeknownst to us @ the time, she was 1-2 months pregnant. they ended up putting her on self injections of heparin. well here we sit w/unused syringes in the package (approx. 50) and 2 boxes of heparin vials. does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the stuff? i would hate to throw them away, but the pharmacy can't take them back. let me know what y'all think. thanks...

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We flush unused/old pills down the toilet...for vials, I would suggest either dumping the liquid down the sink or the toilet.....there's really nothing you can do other then that. People go thru people's trash and if they would find it and use it, it could be real bad and you wouldn't want to somehow get caught in the middle.

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We have a free clinic in town for people without insurance and they take donations of things such as syringes and such. Is there anything of that sort in your area that might take them as a donation?

I hate throwing stuff away too. Especially once the pill bottles are open you can't donate them, but the syringes and heparin are sealed so you may be able to donate....

Good luck!


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First check the date on the syringes. Heparin does not have a long shelf life and there is a chance it's expired already.

FDA has strict guidelines on things like this but generally speaking, as Dancinglight said, SOME cities have free clinics that can accept these meds by law. Also you are allowed to donate SOME supplies and meds to either hospice, a medical missions team (check with local churches) or veterinarians.

Meds that cannot be donated can be taken to your local pharmacy for proper disposal.

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