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Melissa Update--part 4, Thursday Eve


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I'm sorry for those of you worriers out there that I haven't put in an update sooner. I was sort of waiting for more news of sorts...

I think this is update number 4, but her address from the 'snail mail' post is still applicable.

I don't know much more than I have gotten through short voicemails and a couple of quick conversations in between, what she calls her journeys into 'neverland' when she spikes fevers several times a day.

She is not in ICU right now, but actually, the nurse this morning really felt that she should not have been moved out of ICU.

On top of the fungal infection in her body she has THREE different types of bacteria causing sepsis. So, she is on anti-fungals and antibiotics.

So far, she has not had any relief in symptoms and is still about the same as when I last wrote (i.e. one sick cookie).

She is at a small hospital in Toledo and they were hoping to transfer her to a larger medical center, either University Hospitals in Cleveland or U of Michigan. But, as of now no answers on this yet.

The infection seems to be coming from her small intestine and somehow seeping into her blood, but the doctors are stumped on how this is happening and thus were hoping to transfer her. However, so far calls to other hospitals ahve stumped doctors there also.

Today she was supposed to have her liver scanned and other such tests, but I haven't heard the latest...

It's all very scary and I feel so awful that she is sooo miserable.

As for snail mail, even if she does transfer hospitals (which at this point is questionable) she will STILL GET YOUR MAIL b/c it will get passed on to her home, so feel free to send it. She will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

Thank you for continuing to keep our Sunfish in your thoughts and prayers. I'm reading her your notes.

I also really appreciate your support and understanding of me through this. I am sorry I am not able to be there for more of you right now.

Later alligators!


P.S. Unless there are major changes (i.e. a move to another hospital, etc.) I will just post updates under this thread b/c otherwise I feel like I am maybe overwhelming the board with new topics!) So, check back here! ^_^ Thanks.

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Melissa, I think they need to scrub down your tank a little better there in the pokey! Four infections at once? Now THAT's a dirty fish bowl indeed! Get better missy... I MEAN IT. Don't make me fly out there, doctors don't do well with mouse bites all over them.

Nina ^_^

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Guest tearose


I know in the quiet times of the night you may feel all alone...but you are not!

WE are thinking of you, praying for you and writing to you 24/7!!!

Keep telling your little body to fight and think about the bright and happy days of Spring that will be here before you know it!!


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I'm so sorry, little fish. :( I am so incredibly hopeful that you'll kick the stupid sepsis's butt ASAP!!! I hope you're feeling better soon, Melissa. Lots of love and hugs!!!!

Megan :P:):wub:

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Hi, Melissa:

I'm new(er) to the boards, and I don't think we've had a chance to "meet" yet. However, I have seen how supportive and caring you are through reading your posts. I'm so sorry to hear that you are fighting such a difficult battle. I'll be praying for strength, courage, joy, and health for you and wisdom for your doctors!

Stay strong and keep up the fight. I hope you feel much, much better very, very soon.


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Dear Melissa, I did not imagine you were feeling so bad, four infections is a lot to go through, but keep on fighting, you will win this battle too. I am sure.

I?ll continue to pray for you. I hope you feel better soon.

When feeling tired and alone, please, remember that you have many friends thinking on you. You are not alone, never alone...

Lots of hugs!!!



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melissa thinking of you dear.. my prayers are with you.. I really hope that they get to the bottom of things soon for you.. so that you can start to feel better and heal..

what about airlifting you to mayo clinic ro something? Maybe they would have a bit more luck figure this stuff out?? IM sure that thye are looking at all options.. but i thought that id thow that out there..

thank you em for the updates.. you take care of yourself as well!



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Melissa, you continue to be in my thoughs and prayers...I wish there was something more we could do for you...Just know that we are thinking about you...Keep on fighting.

I also agree that it would be a good idea to be sent to a larger university hospital.


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Spoke with Melissa a few hours ago. No news to report.....Dancing Light summed it up for the day. I just wish there was something I could do to help her. She's an incredible person.

My thoughts are with you Melissa. I worry about you!!! BTW....loved your kitty with your Croc's.


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Melissa, I think of you everyday and send you wishes that your back to being a sunny fish, swimming happily in her own fishbowl at home. Teri and I send our love.


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Just wanted to stop in and let you know I continue to think of you daily and I am sending warm thoughts of healing and strength.

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Melissa called last night around 10 and I cannot tell you how relieved I was to hear her voice! I actually got a good night's sleep after that!

She has still had fevers, but they haven't been as high. Also, they started a new abx on Thursday and are hoping that is working. She has finally started to get some sleep b/c the fevers are not has bad.

It has just been this way for a couple of days, so she's not sure it will stick yet!

She felt more hopeful last night though.

Also she has had a lot of visitors this weekend/end of week so that is wearing her out, but soooo nice of folks!

So, that's the latest scoop. It doesn't look like, at this point, that they will be transferring her.

Later Alligators...


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