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Heart Palpatations


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Hi everyone. I'm new to this board and am happy to now be apart of it. I am 34yrs old and have been suffering with heart palpatations on and off for years. I am on a beta blocker (Toprol 50mg) daily which I believe helps somewhat. But at times my heart flip flops, flutters,skips beats, races and then slows down. It is so uncomfortable and nothing I do seems to help. Does anyone have any suggestions. I live in Nassau NY and am trying to find a doctor in my area that deals with dysautonomia. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to DINET! Glad you found us.

I know how uncomfortable that is! A beta blocker should help. Additional salt and fluid helps reduce these for me. I believe that I get more of these when my blood volume is low. I also take an SSRI, which helps all my POTS symptoms, including the benign irregular heartbeats.

Hope you can find a specialist in your area. You might take a look at this post to help you navigate this website and the forum:



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Hi Sandy,

Welcome aboard.

How long have you been on the Toprol? I also live in Nassau County. PM me if you like. :) I have palpitations, tachycardia, rushes, hr up to 130 or more sometimes plus a whole load of other symptoms like most. :P

I have yet to find a Dr. here who really specializes in it but I do know of one member who had a doc that they liked, but I have not looked into him yet.

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Guest tearose

Hello and welcome!

I too get palpitations...but they are not dangerous and I have learned how to manage in spite of them.

I found using a heartrate monitor was very helpful for me to learn what exactly was happening with my heart and what made certain feelings happen. I was quite surprised to SEE that my walking heart rate went from a non-palpatation feeling of 120 to a climbing stair rate of 157-177 :P with palpitations!

I am sorry to say I can't help you with a doc on long island. I would hope you can sometime get to a top notch ANS testing facility to get to the best information about your condition.

In the meantime, is your primary care doctor a "keeper"? Maybe they can do some research for you or you can look at the DINET and NDRF websites to find a physician.

best regards, tearose

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Thank you so much for your replies. It helps just knowing other people understand how difficult this condition can be. I have been on Toprol for 14yrs. I was diagnosed with MVP when I was 19 at the MVP center in Alabama. At age 30 I went to Ohio to see Dr Grubb who specializes in dysautonomia. I also take 20mg of Paxil for the anxiety and adrenaline rushes that my body gives me for no apparent reason. Dr Grubb told me I have hyperadrengic POTS. My system is always in the fight or flight mode. I try to stay as focused in exercise, and eliminating all caffeine. I'm bad with sugar though. I have a sweet tooth. So I'm sure that aggravates my palps. Again thank you for sharing your thoughts

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