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I have been diagnosed with POTS for about a year and something new is going on. Have any of you guys ever passed out due to high blood pressure instead of low? On New Years eve my BP was 172/116. I am a prestty petite person and I just went out at work while sitting down. My doctor thinks this is odd and I have an MRI tommorow. Just wondering if this is common in other POTS sufferers.

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How do you know your bp was high when you passed out? Many POTS patients have episodes of both elevated bp and low bp, which is why I ask.

I have never passed out with POTS, but I have been weak enough in my legs to fall over when in a standing position (at least, this happened to me a couple times at home.) Also, I remember when my POTS was very bad that during episodes of pretty elevated bp, that I could still feel a little faint. I think this was due to poor blood flow in/to the brain, and not the high bp.

I hope you get the answers you need soon. It does sound like some other possibilities need to be ruled out.


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