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Hi All,

Just wanted to pass on some information.

This is an direct link regarding a 15-week reconditioning program at OSU Hospitals designed especially for POTS patients that includes health and lifestyle assessment, exercise program, educational sessions, etc. Anyway, I thought you might not have seen it.


Hope you all are doing well!


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Hi Katherine,

Still not doing so well. Pretty much homebound in the recliner or on the couch. Just trying to find a solution but that just is not happening right now. I am trying Celexa now but have not had too much success with it. I think it is making me even more sleepy then usual.

How are you doing? Your Family?


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Hi Susan

I am so sorry that you still don't have a good solution. How long have you been on Celexa? It can take awhile for SSRIs to become effective.

I am having a flare-up right now. I suspect it is due to a change in thyroid dosage but who knows. I had stopped all my POTS meds, but am re-starting and hoping for the best.

My daughter is now 4 and doing fine. How old is your little one?


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