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Questions galore!!

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Do we run a greater risk of aneurisms/ strokes? They say that pots isn't life-threatening, but are we at greater risk for developing life-threatening issues b/c of pots??

Is Pots progressive?

IV hydration- can it be done at home? Will insurance cover it?

Are we considered to be at greater risk for heart disease?

My whole disability thing which I posted separately.

White spots on cat scan that are supposed to be caused from hypotension. Do these pose any risk in the long-term?


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As far as I know, we are at no greater/lesser risk of heart disease than the general population. I say that with one caveat; if you have severe exercise intolerance (some do), then that adds to your general heart disease risk factors (genetics, exercise, diet, life choices like smoking, etc.).

You potentially could be at higher risk of a stroke, but I don't think there is enough evidence either way. Certainly very high or very low bp can precede a stroke. Uncontrolled bp, just as with the general population, is a stroke risk.

POTS is sometimes, but not generally, progressive. Multiple System Atrophy


is definitely progressive. Symptoms may prove more bothersome as we age, but it's hard to say if it's progressive--from my perspective, it's just age making it harder for my body to recover from it's day to day rigors. I was warned to expect an exacerbation of symptoms at menopause.

NIH states POTS may or may not be progressive. Depends on your type. Most people actually experience a leveling off over time, not a worsening of symptoms.


IV hydration may be done at home by a skilled nursing or medical professional--and it might be covered by your insurance--depends 1) on your policy and 2) if it was prescribed to be done at home by your doctor. Others here may be able to give you more insight.

If you've not read the main DINET pages, please do so as they will answer many of your questions.





Also, NDRF offers a free pdf book download, Handbook of Dysautonomia.



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