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Willows Son Now In Hospital.........still Very Ill


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Things are going from bad to worse here now guys, and Saturday night was just horrendous here.........

My hubby was taken ill with his terrible head/neck pain from his degeneration of the cervical spine and was in chronic pain in our bed and my son Mike was once again on his knees rocking back and forth in his bed ( see my other post to catch up) so I was trying to shuffle back and forth between the two most of the night.

Sunday morning I was shattered , hubby was looking life death now and Mike was on his last legs.

Called on-call doctor again and got the most wonderful little man out to the house , he just didn't know what it was BUT ;

He agreed with me that Mike is slightly 'yellow' and his blood pressure is still that of a 60+ year old 147/120+ and it should be around 110/80!!!! so he just wouldnt take anymore chances as he said ' something is very wrong here, he looks terrible , he's dehydrated ( no food , hardly any drink since Wednesday evening) and he's on chronic pain with no upset stomach at all and only been sick 3 times now in 3 + days ..............he's going in. So an ambulance was called and off we went ...........leaving hubby in bed still .

Mikes now on morphine and they are testing him for ; Heb -B......pancreatitis.......some sort of poisoning ( from dog bite ) Glandular fever again ( had it at 10 years old last time ) and others.

We still haven't ruled out an appendicitis , and they are now looking at a link between Mikes illness and my own , which is terribly worrying for us all.

I came home last night , via hubby who's now over his session , having only eaten 6 ginger biscuits and a cup of coffee since Saturday feeling like death and just fell into bed exhausted , stiff as a board and with low blood pressure again, up a 5 am as couldnt sleep anymore from worry which as you know brings forth other little 'nastys' .............so I'm stuffing in drugs left , right and centre in an effort to keep myself going and not as hubby put it ' going to end up in one ward of the hospital while Mikes on another ' .............no way, I'm trying to keep calm and not shuffle to much about to keep things stable.

We are off to the hospital again this morning , they are doing more tests today , so hopefully we should get some answers soon .


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i am so sorry, what a terrible way to start the new year. i am sending my best wishes, especially to your son and hope they will find out what is going (wr)on(g) with him soon so that they can start treatment.

thinking of you across the northsea,

corina :)

please whenever you can, take care of yourself as well!

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I'm sorry to hear you son is so sick, and also sorry to hear your husband is not doing very well either.

you will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope the doctors can figure out what is wrong with your son soon, and help him feel better and get back on his feet. Goodness, not a good way to start the near year---------I hope you all have a healthier new year.

This can't be too good for your health dear, I hope you will be OK too.

Big Hug to you,

Maxine :0)

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Thanks for your kind words and thoughts and I am OK except for both my eyes are now full of blood again and I'm scaring the children's ward staff and little ones , so I'm having to keep my sunglasses on all the time.......cool or what !

I've just come back from the hospital , another 8 hour stint sitting with him .

Mikes a it better now and his blood pressure is much more normal, the consultant came today and ask all sorts of strange questions like ' are you being sick and not telling your parents '............of course Mike had no idea what he was going on about until I said to him ' no, my son is not bulimic and starving himself , he likes food to much '

Mike was quite put out by the consultants remarks until I informed the consultant that the dentist had suggested it was acid from his stomach that was melting his teeth and that he had already been seem by a consultant ( adult one) for this problem as he had brought up dark red jellyfied blood in the shower .............that made him stop and go pink and re-read the boys notes!

He found the section and apologies ( dam check )

So tomorrow they are going to knock him out and have a look at whats going on in his stomach, his pain is back to 5-6 but not as bad as it was ( 8-9)

Also they did some blood test for jaundice and he was just one point of being jaundice !!! ha ! didn't I say he was going yellow ............us mums' we know our kids .

Well Dracula's daughter here is still feeling OK , very tired from just sitting on the chair beside his bed all day ( did fall sleep and almost slid off the thing once ) but OK , Hubby's a lot better thank you and is almost back to his old silly self again.

I do miss having Mike around and it isn't until they are away that you discover just how much you do for them and natter away to them , also the food is disgusting there, poor boy who's got digestion problems was given soggy , limp greasy chips and turkey dinosaurs for his first real meal ...............you had to be there to see the total look of disgust on my 15 year old face ..............perfect son , haven't I taught you well , good food always rules in our house !

Back tomorrow hopefully with more news. Willows.

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I was reading your post and something hit me....the jelly he threw up in the shower......My daughter was very ill when she was younger. She stayed sick. The pediatrician kept telling me it was the flu or some other virus and it didn't get any better...she would eat and then get very ill.....high fevers 103-106, cold clammy sweats, horrible stomach cramps, vomiting up something that looked like jelly or jello and then she would get horrible headaches and go to sleep so sound you could not wake her up for hours. She would then wake up like nothing happened and be fine until she would eat again. She lost lots of weight, her hair died and got brittle and she looked like a starving child from an improverished country. One afternoon she came home from school and it all started again, needless to say we ended up in the ER and transported to John Hopkins Hospital as she was in a coma..this lasted for 2 days. We seen a mulit specialist and within a couple of hours new what she had. When she was diagonised she was case number 22..it didn't even have a name then. It is now called Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis, She has type EGID. There are several different types. She is now 15, healthy as heck and looks better than ever. She controls her diet on her own and get help once in a while from over the counter allery medication or from perscription atarax. If she eats out she will get sick. She is allergic to milk, soy, nuts and fish. Please check out the following sites and see if this will help your son. I will be keeping all of you in my prayers and hope that your son gets better soon.





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Just another thought...Not sure of what meds are available in your area....My daughter takes claritian, zyrtec or benadryl (all over the counter meds here) and atarax (prescription only here) to help with her allergies. Ask the doctor to try to see if they help. Also and Upper GI test will show if he has and of the GI disorders I mentioned in my earlier post.

Wishing you luck, from mother to mother. Nothing feels as bad as having a sick child and not being able to help.

Keep me posted. My email is thejohnsongang@adelphia.net

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hey willows,

you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, hope they find out whats wrong with your son, i know it's horrid being in hospital and not knowing whats going on - for you and mike.

big hugs

becks x x x

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I also had a thought. Might explain all of his symptoms. How about gallbladder? I just had mine out after a few horrible bouts. (In retrospect my first bout was in my 20's.) They don't often consider that in a young person. Would explain the acid, vomiting, "yellow" high liver count, and PAIN. Should all be worse after he eats. A HIDA scan would reveal a problem. A GB ultrasound for me has always been normal. Don't let them rule out GB if that's normal- push for the HIDA scan.

You are all in my prayers. Keep us posted if you can.


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Thanks for all your replies guys, sorry I haven't been back on but I've either been at the hospital .or as happened on Tuesday night , they sent him home...............only for him to be taken back in after an all night session of pain on Wednesday night .

We we are still no nearer to knowing what it is , pain still 8-9 , I took him out for an hour on Wednesday and he went as white as a sheet , had to sit down and then had to come him again , which is why we were back at the hospital today , all day , no food or drink for us all ...............MG I cannot cope with that , poor hubby and I felt like death as well by lunchtime.

So we are all out again ...........still no diagnoses.

Mike's just been given hi pain killers and anti-sickness and we have to 'get on with it' National Health in the UK is the pits , they just cannot finish what they start to do without leaving you for hours in between and forget to do things and it seems if you are a bit different from the norm they dont want to know ...........as I know from experience myself .

I'm going to look up all you sent me , Thanks ever so much , its nice to know I have you all with me on this awful time. Mike is just 'not himself' doesn't want to eat , tired , but cannot sleep with the pain, quiet , head down , its just so upsetting for us both ( hubby and I ) and you feel so inadequate as you cannot help him at all.


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Sorry to hear your son isn't feeling good...Keep us updated on any info you get..Hope Mike feels better very soon. Hang in there.


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I haven't read the "chit-chat" forum in a while and was sad to hear about your husband and your son! You are really going through a lot right now. Thanks for keeping us updated. Hang in here!


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You are in my thoughts and prayers.

There is nothing harder than seeing our children sick.

Hope they come up with some answers for you.

You and your hubby take care of yourself's. Don't let yourself become dehydrated.

Hugs and healing being sent your way.


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Well its now Sunday and Mikes been able to keep some food down at long last .

The hospital have called here every day so far to see if he's OK and if I want to bring him back in to be looked at again , this is something new to me and I've never heard of the ward calling someones home before , may be this is a new thing they do ????? In fact the staff nurse who has been calling me was so nice and said how worried they all were as Mike is such a nice lad .............which he is !

Mikes sleep better as well and I've only had to get up once in the night to him to sort out his medication for him, he's now taking two types of painkillers plus an anti-sickness when he needs to ...................BUT.............poor boy has three exams this week :) and we dont know how he is going to cope with this and all the drugs , I'm going to take him onto college on Monday and see the head of year as I feel that having been so ill for so long with so much pain its a bit unfair for him as he's not been able to do any revision as such , so we'll see what they say next week.

Still no idea as to what caused the pain , all we do know is his blood pressure has been very high , he's been yellow and he has had pain like he's never felt before , so until it happens again and 'something does' .........what ever that may be ...........we , including the hospital are all stumped .

Hubby and I are OK , I've lost 4lbs in weight from last weeks in and out of the hospital trips , which is fine by me , but just SO tired now and keep falling sleep all over the place , I keep trying to watch a film and waking up thinking 'here , what happened to the middle and end of it' ??? so I've given up trying to do that for the time being.

Thanks for all your support guys .

Willows ( ami)

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hey ami,

tell mike not to worry about his exams and revision, just concentrate on getting better! my sister had a really tough time in college, she got glandular fever twice and then they found a lump in my breast and my sister fell apart. she took some time off and she got special consideration for her exams based on the work she ad done and she has now got five a levels!!

also, when she was in uni i got pots and you all know wht it's like before diagnosis and when you first get sick you're in hospital all the time, kerry didn't like being away from home when i was sick so she'd come home a lot and her tutors were really supportive, an i don't know what i'd have done without her! she also now has a degree!

love and hugs

becks x x x

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Hello again everyone,

Well we have had a bad few day's again , Mike couldnt eat his supper last night and went to bed at 7.30pm sleeping right through to 7 am ..............today is his first exam , which in my book is not that bad as its his business studies one on finance, so we sat at 7 am going through all the In's outs and things to do with running a business .........and as I'm an ex business woman he should sail through , well he went of very happy anyhow.

We were at the doctors yesterday morning getting him more drugs to help as he had been up the previous night ( which is why he slept for 12 hours ) and tomorrow we are back at the doctors again.

It was only yesterday that I learnt Mike can get this special consideration as long as our GP writes in and tells them about his hospital and the drugs that make him tired and also the constant pain............yes he's still getting it .

Well not much more to add at this time , we are all OK , or as well as cab be expected at this time, still worrying .


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