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Melissa Update, Part 2, Sunday Afternoon...

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Hello all!

I am reading your messages in bits and pieces to Melissa over her vm...

Just wanted to let you know that they have a CAUSE figured out for her crazy symptoms....a fungal/yeast infection in the blood stream.

I guess this is fairly rare, but she has had a ton of abx lately...don't knwo if that has contributed or not.

Sooooooooooo, now they are pumping into her the right stuff to combat this infection.

She's still in ICU and feeling like crappola, but we do hope this will help her to start feeling better soon.

Later alligators! And thanks for all of your kind words (to both of us!)

Love, Emily

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Melissa, oy yoy yoy girl! I'm sending you every good though I have that you kick those yeasties in their collective behinds and are happily swimming in your bowl at home ASAP.

Much love and mouse hugs, Nina

ps. Em, your wish is my command :)

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Em, I don't know why, but the changes aren't showing up? I am going to try entering the #2 instead of the II b/c I'm wondering if the forum now has an autocorrection when posting?


P.S. yep, that was the issue... autocorrects titles thinking you just made a boo boo. The other option would be to put a space between the two letters or a period, b/c otherwise, roman numerals are out. :)

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Let's hope the treatment kicks in ASAP! Feel better soon Melissa! :)

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Oh thank you emily for the updates! i just read thru both posts...

Im so very glad that they have finally figured out what is causing her infections!!

SHe will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts.. her family as well.. as this has to be really rough on them as well.. you hang in there sunnyfish..and feel better soon!!

thanks again em for the updates.. your a sweetie!

lots of hugs


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Thanks Emily for the updates...feel better, kiddo.


I am glad they have figured out a big piece of this puzzle. I continue to send thoughts and prayers to you and your loved ones and the entire medical team involved.

Also, I hope you can get some RESTFUL SLEEP. You too Em. :)



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I'm so glad to hear that the dr's have figured out what they are to be fighting. I will definitely be praying!!


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