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Face Pain?


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Okay after months of this I'm asking this question...not sure if it's dysautonomia related. My face hurts a lot, not really sure if it's sinuses as i don't have any congestion. The bones ache in my face, plus the eyes hurt. I do have TMJ---i use a biteplane and haven't had any trouble w/ the jaw, just the face bones ache like crazy.



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Since you do have TMJ, maybe your jaw is getting ready to act up again. My TMJ was undercontrol for about two years...no symptoms what so ever. But about 2 months I would get these extremely sharp pains in my face, and also around that time, my jaw began clicking. It stopped after a few weeks so maybe that's what's going on with you.

In the meantime for the pain, maybe try some kind of compress, heat maybe? Or take Tylenol or some other kind of pain reliever.

*hugs* Hopefully it will pass without giving you too much trouble!

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