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Sorry to hear about your intractable headaches. Have you tried DHE IV? That is the ultimate for getting rid of a migraine. After many super migraines (hospitalizations for several days), I now have them under control. I am in the process of "weaning" from Neurontin to Lyrica; take Zoloft. Maxalt seems to work the best for me in terms of getting rid of a migraine. I had tried Imitrex, Zomig, etc.

Are you sure you are not having rebound headaches?

Has your neurologist mentioned the possibility of a occipital nerve pinch that can cause migraine-like headaches? This can be helped with a nerve root block.

Good luck in your quest to be headache free...


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Thanks Lois, I have been hospitalized back in 05 and they tried DHE IV (worked a wee bit but not enough on it for like 4 days, four doses a day), and a host of other meds, nothing worked. They gave up on me, square peg they were trying to fit in a round hole...so after getting the treatment of your nuts I left them. (this was a highly recommended clinic) I know they aren't rebound headaches ---i don't take anything for them anymore i tuff out the pain, somedays it's easy others it's not. I used to pop advil like it was candy, and quit taking it on orders from my PCP. I can't take imetrex, or any other type of migraine med as it causes funky symptoms, and anti-seizure meds usually end up in a bad result.

Nobody has mentioned a nerve block...

I take a BB to try to help with the headaches but it doesn't do much, altho it has helped some of the Dysautonomia symptoms. On average my head pain is a 6-7/10...I just want some relief.



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Hello, Yes I do get Botox, Have been for about 1 year every three months shot in the back of my neck to control dizziness, nausea, and then headaches. I see Dr. Stillman at the Cleveland Clinic. And I am diagnosed with POTS with Migraine. Does this work all the time no Sometimes I feel better after this treatment and sometimes not so much. Luckily my insurance covers this and I have such a high deductable that I signed up for charity help at the Cleveland Clinic and whatever insurance does not pick up they cover 75% thank God!! I just got a call from Dr. Stillman's Assistant and they are actually starting this program in Feburary she called it 3 weeks if INTENSE THERAPY I have to go to the Cleveland Clinic 5 days a week from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. She needs to give me more details she will be calling me soon, but I am going to do it. This is for people who suffer from migrane systoms and pots and I am on the list for this new program. I will let everyone know about this as I find out.


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