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Experiences With Ct Scans---and Contrast?


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Hi everyone--- :rolleyes:

I'm scheduled for a CT scan to rule out CAD. It's a high speed 64 slice or duel CT with contrast.

Trouble is that you need a low or stable heart rate----and for us this is not easy---not even on beta blockers.

From what I read from my search------------your heart rates have gone crazy when the contrast is injected. How could they get good pictures with this going on if I react to the day this time? I did not react terribly to the dye in 2002 when they did a brain CT scan----but my HR was elevated for a while. We never know when our body will decide to go crazy. It could be fine one minute and not the next----with this wacky ANS stuff.

Dr. Grubbs office seemed frustrated with me because my HR was not under control the first two tries for the test. The first time I was given more beta blocker---and even more then my usual dose of klonopin---and still heart rates in the 90s------------------just a trigger happy heart----and I think a lot of us are like this.

The cleveland clinic has a newer duel high speed CT scan that does not necessarily need your HR low----but it does need it to be steady.

Any advice?

Maxine :0)

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I had the dye for a cat scan a few months ago. NO PROBLEM.

I had a slight flushing which had a SURPRISE fun side effect :) (that stuff needs to be sold on the market but I digress.) The tech laughed and said many women said the same thing, lol.

It was no big deal at all for me. I also had to drink some stuff before the deal in 4 tall glasses over 4 hrs...THAT was the toughest but I started using iced tea and that helped...but I called the hospital and said if I threw up from FORCEFUL drinking could I STILL have the scan and they said yes and to drink as much as I could.

I had no idea I would get a shot on top of things but it was totally cool. I was kinda nervous due to what all we were scanning for but it turned out fine.

Just get your anxiety under control and take your meds that day...it will be ok.

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ive had lots of ct scans and mri's where i ve needed contrast..

i ve had to drink some nasty stuff as well before some ct scans...

But the only thing that happens to me with getting injected with the contrast is.. it does make you flush.. all warm and fuzzy.. and it does make you feel like you are or did wet you pants.. but that doesnt last long at all.. and i had no problems after wards from getting contrast..

I think that you will be ok getting contrast.. I know that you have med sensitivitites.. but it think it will be allright..

hopefully your heart rate will be tame so that you can finally get this thing done.. good luck dear!

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You can ask for the iodine-free contrast. They use it for people with iodine allergies, and it doesn't burn as much. It's a little unpleasant, but not too bad. I think it's the anxiety that causes people's rates to soar, I'm pretty sure the dye only feels weird, but doesn't affect the heart.

Good luck!


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Thanks for the support and answering my questions---------- :)

UGGGGGGGGGGG---I can't go tomorrow---now I am rescheduled for the 15th.

The reason----my mom is in the hospital again. Her leg didn't look right yesterday--she had already had a clot in the other. Dad took her to the ER, and the Docs zoomed her into a CT scan, and they found one big clot, and several small clots in her lungs. She was in the hospital the week before Christmas also for an infection---and that is when Our family surgeon found the first clot.

The big mystery is how she got more clots when she was on the blood thinner coumadin. She was already on a heparin drip when she was in the hospital previously.

I found out at midnight about the blod clots--------and I didn't sleep well last night, and I thought it was wise to reschedule my CT scan considering we have no idea what will happen. They are going to try and put in some kind of shield to prevent other clots from traveling to the lungs. She was supposed to have surgery done for a large tumor they found in her bladder. She had been dropping blood clots in her urine, and the urologist she had previously wasn't getting it. They did a cystoscopy---and apparently they missed the tumor, or it was too small to see---we all have questions in our mind.

The Urologist she has now missed the cancerous tumor on an x-ray of my sister in law's husband on my husband's side. They showed the same x-ray later to my other sister in law's husband who is a urologist/nephrologist---he had no problem seeing it plain as day. He had to have his kidney removed---but he survived---he also survived a blood clot in his lungs that followed surgery.

I didn't want to reschedule the test, but I knew I would not be able to relax with my Mom in the hospital---and several blood clots in her lungs---one of them being a big one.

Let's all pray that my mother comes though this OK.

Take Care,

Maxine :0)

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Thank You---- :)

I just took a little cat nap. We are expecting my son Mike and his girlfriend Carlie, and her little daughter Kaela over for our Christmas Celebration tonight---they were in Maryland with Carlie's grandparents this year. I talked with my dad this morning to see if he wanted me there at the hospital today, and he said not to bother---my mom will be in and out of testing all day, and a possible procedure to shield the blood clots. I talked with him just now to get an update, and he said she was getting a doppler echo on her legs, and having some kind of heart test.

The nurses said her bed sore near her tail bone is finally starting to heal. She had two blisters on her heels that got infected also. She is diabetic and also has diabetic neuropathy. ------------------------- B) This is not a good combination. Then to top things off something happened in the back of her eye, and the eye doc was concerned about the blood thinners causing it----but she can't go off the blood thinners obviously. The ER Doc thinks she may have a cellulitis infection in her leg also----and one of the docs mentioned that the cancerous tumor in her bladder could be causing the blood clots. They want to get her stable to get the tumor out.

Either myself or my husband and I went up to the hospital nearly every day the last time she was in----not only to see my mom, but to help my Dad and give him some company too. He said don't cancel our plans tonight. I have no way of getting in touch with my son unless I call him at work. He only works 4 hours today I tried to call him this morning to tell him about his grandma----Carlie's phone was off. He is going to cancel his contract with T-Mobile, and go with Verizon, so he doesn't have a phone until he can afford the cancellation fee. They won't know until they get here. Meanwhile my Aunt will go to the hospital, and one of my brothers will probably be there.

My husband is helping with dinner so I won't get worn out so I can be at the hospital with my parents tomorrow. He's peeling potatos--- ;) I put the english roast on at noon...........there will be plenty to take a nice meal to my Dad, and more for a sandwich later. Last time my Mom was in the hospital I made White chili---a big pot so everyone could have some. I'm so glad my husband helps---or I'd be sunk.

Well I should go get ready because my Son and his family will be here at 4:00pm--- :o

Take care,

Maxine :0)

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I was fine with the dye. I got the normal flushing and intense warm sensations/heat in the areas they warned me about before the test (mostly in my lower abdomen and groin). It only lasted a few minutes and I had no lasting side effects--was able to drive myself home without a problem.


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Thanks for the answers........ :)

I had flushing also---or a warm feeling on the one I had in 2002. Otherwise I didn't notice anything more. I wondered if our reactions might change----but from your answers it doesn't look like it.

My main concern was the dye making my heart rate fluctuate too much---and not allow them to get a good picture---because they are doing the CT on the heart and arteries---- :blink:

I really appreciate your help---it did lesson my anxiety quite a bit----you guys are good people..... :)

Maxine :0)

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