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Wilbur Dressed Up As Santa


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Well, as you can see, while Teri is home "working", snapshots of Wilbur happened... somehow, he managed to be wearing the oufit that's "supposed" to be on my goose, who normally resides on our front steps and wears a seasonal outfit most of the time. Imagine my suprise when these photos came to my inbox at work today! Nina B)


and here's "SANTA" taking a bite out of his giraffe dog-toy.


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i LOVE the pics. i'll have to see if i can find mine of Czar with antlers in years past. thanks for the smiles (to teri too).

B) melissa

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We've decided not to let Wilbur roam the house free until after the holidays... that way we wont worry about him eating or chewing on things that are a definite no-no.

He was very patient with wearing the holiday cape, but definitely did NOT wear the hat with the beard attached to it (yes, I have it for my goose!).


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