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My Best Christmas Present!!


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This morning my husband woke me up before my kids and him went Christmas shopping, he works alot because I can't so this is their yearly outing, they get up early, go to breakfast, shop til they drop, do lunch and come home, down to the basement and then they wrap!!!

He woke me with a cup of coffee and said I need to say something..... He said "Sue, you have been awesome this year.. (we had to move with my parents, my dad is paralyzed from a stroke, and my mom has been hospitalized 8 times in the last 12 months.)

as sick as you have been you fill our house with love, you somehow manage to keep the house under control, the bills, errands, shopping, cleaning. while making sure that all of us have what we need to get through the day. He said I am irreplacable and his heart is filled with me being in his life. Theres more, but I won't bore you.

Hmm, I have two wonderful kids, who help me immensely, they have always helped around the house, they are great with their grandparents. When I am able my kids and I grocery shop, with a list that gets split in three when we get there, faster that way!! If I cant they go on their own... I often tell them how much I appreciate them, this afternoon I will tell them again..

I do everything on line thats possible, banking, bill paying, christmas shopping!!

I didn't think I did anything special, if anything I often feel I am useless, feel awful for not working, and feel bad that my kids have to do so much...I putz all day, and do what I can... nap... and do more :)

Why am I telling you all this. I guess because others don't always see us as we see ourselves. and thats a good thing!!

Be positive, be strong, and know that you are loved..

((Lots of hugs this morning))


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thanks so much for sharing this sue. when i read it yesterday it brought tears to my eyes. sounds like you are both lucky to have one another.

B) melissa

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Nice post, Sue!

It's a great reminder that we still play a very special role in our families & friendships, even though we're sick and don't always feel that we're "doing something special." :lol: Providing a loving heart and a cheerful smile, even if it's from the couch, touches others more than we tend to realize. When we can keep that up in the midst of illness, instead of getting bitter, it speaks to people even more!

Kudos to your husband for sharing such an encouranging thought with you! He sounds like a treasure!

Happy New Year!


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