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High Eye Pressure And Insipidus(dehydration?)


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Was wondering if anyone has had experiences like this:

Went to eye doc yesterday. High eye pressure (24 and 21). I was feeling really bad (super dry mouth, etc) and scared afterward and after taking desmo and water I got somewhat better. Blood pressure was also high. Saw Nephrologist today, blood pressure still high. He confirmed Incomplete Central Insipidus. No problems with MRI or kidney ultrasound. No one is saying anything about what might be causing the eye pressure. I've been to the eye doctor many times this year and they never said anything about dangerous eye pressure (cam cause Glaucoma and/or blindness).

Has anyone heard of Insipidus or dehydration causing eye pressure (and other problems)? I assumed that when the eye probs went away after Desmopressin that dehydration was causing them, Then they came back. I'm really worried about losing my eyes at age 35.

Just for some background: all symptoms started about same time Sept last year and got progressively worse until Desmopressin - eye floaters, severe dry eye, strain, headaches, thinking impaired, memory impared, waking up feeling terrible every morning. I felt like a superhero first week or so of Desmopressin. Now some of the symptoms are back. Started desmo about 5 weeks ago.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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- My Nephrologist backpedaled from his DI diagnoses and said my sodium reading was wierd last time and said I need to see a "Super specialist" 3 hours away.. (still haven't heard from her, it could be months)

- Neuro-Opthomologist said I have the dry eyes of a 75 year old and my underlying condition is causing it.

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I've heard of it. I'm glad the neuro-types are at least interested in what might be going on. Fluid retention can cause high BP, and it seems strange that despite the ddavp there would still be such eye dryness. Is it possible that you need a higher dose of ddavp? I don't know if you can become adjusted to it. It just seems strange that if the ddavp is helping so much with your whole body except the eyes.

I know they check eye pressure to check for glaucoma (it runs in my family, but my eye pressure is normal), but since the reading was high did they look into that part further, or only into the central insipidus link stuff?

I know that diabetes mellitus can cause blindness, and I wonder if it's a similar problem with diabetes insipidus? I don't know what they look for before that, though.

I'm sorry you're having to go through this, but I hope you get some answers and help soon!

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